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A Neuroscientist and His Adopted Dog Decode the Canine Brain
by Gregory Berns

Advance Praise for HOW DOGS LOVE US:

"A solid introduction to an appealing new area of research" – Kirkus Reviews

"Amazingly entertaining and super smart. In How Dogs Love Us, Gregory Berns gives us our first real look inside the brain of a dog, while simultaneously setting new standards in ethical science. A truly great read!"
—Steven Kotler, author of A Small Furry Prayer

" How Dogs Love Us is a fascinating account of a scientist’s tenacious pursuit of the unknown. Gregory Berns’s account of his lab’s Dog Project provides readers with new insights into the minds of our most loyal companions while also reminding us that scientific research should be approached with passion, love, and a bold disregard for the possibility of failure."
—Dan Ariely, author of The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty

"Gregory Berns's book, packed with solid scientific research and warm personal stories, will set the agenda for future research on the minds and emotional lives of animals."
—Marc Bekoff, author of The Emotional Lives of Animals

"This book lets you see inside the mind of a dog as never before. How Dogs Love Us will revolutionize how we understand animals—especially our dogs. This is a must-read for animal lovers and neuroscientists alike."
—Brian Hare, author of The Genius of Dogs

Have you ever looked into your dog’s big brown eyes and wondered what he or she was thinking?  Do dogs really understand what we are saying and do they really love us like we love them?  Have we been underestimating their intelligence and capabilities? In his ground breaking new book, HOW DOGS LOVE US: A Neuroscientist and His Adopted Dog Decode the Canine Brain (Amazon Publishing/New Harvest; October 22, 2013; 272 pages; $25), Greg Berns shares the story of how he trained dogs to sit quietly during an MRI and reveals remarkable findings that will transform the way we communicate with man’s best friend.

Emory University Neuroscientist Gregory Berns has spent decades using MRI imaging technology to study the human brain, but when he and his daughter adopted “Callie” a skinny, shy terrier mix from the shelter, he was inspired to see if the same tools would unlock the secrets of a dog’s brain as well.  Curious to know what his new dog was thinking, he overcame administrative, technical, legal and behavioral hurdles and painstakingly trained Callie to enter the MRI scanner on her own and stay still during the scans (earmuffs and all!).

In his new book, HOW DOGS LOVE US: A Neuroscientist and His Adopted Dog Decode the Canine Brain (Amazon Publishing/New Harvest; October 22, 2013; 272 pages; $25.00), Greg Berns explains how he trained dogs to voluntarily submit to the MRI and then reveals many surprising findings from his studies of the canine brain.   What he discovered challenges many prevailing ideas about dogs and could revolutionize the way humans and dogs coexist.  For example, Burns found:

Dogs are more like people than we thought and his findings beg the question “Should dogs  - and other animals - be granted legal rights beyond being property?”
How dogs love and evidence that they do empathize with human emotions.
The idea of being the “pack leader,” as some experts suggest, may be a mistake.

Berns’ work conducting canine brain scans on conscious, unrestrained dogs—dubbed “The Dog Project” at Emory—has now expanded the team of MRI-dogs to explore how dogs learn and smell, and what they experience when they’re separated from their humans.

Utterly fascinating and required reading for all dog lovers, HOW DOGS LOVE US answers age-old questions about man’s best friend and will help pave new ways to improve canine-human communication —even with dogs who have shown aggression towards humans.  In fact, one day we might find ourselves declaring “Dogs are people too!” and granting them rights beyond our wildest dreams.

About the Author:
GREGORY BURNS, MD, PhD is the Distinguished Professor of Neuroeconomics at Emory University.  His research has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the Los Angeles Times, Nature, Money, New Scientist, Psychology Today, and on CNN, NPR, ABC, and the BBC. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

A Neuroscientist and His Adopted Dog Decode the Canine Brain
Amazon Publishing/New Harvest
On-Sale Date: October 22, 2013; 272 Pages, $25.00

An Introduction to the World of Insects

Whitney Cranshaw & Richard Redak

"Breadth classes dealing with insects have been extremely popular among science and nonscience majors for decades. The photographs, illustrations, little known facts, and sidebars in BUGS RULE! bring to life the fascinating world of insects. BUGS RULE! is an excellent text for the nonscience major and general nature enthusiast.”
—Michael K. Rust, University of California, Riverside

BUGS RULE!: An Introduction to the World of Insects (Pub date: September 25, 2013), by Whitney Cranshaw and Richard Redak, provides a lively introduction to the biology and natural history of insects and their noninsect cousins, such as spiders, scorpions, and centipedes. This richly illustrated textbook features more than 830 color photos, a concise overview of the basics of entomology, and numerous sidebars that highlight and explain key points. Detailed chapters cover each of the major insect groups, describing their physiology, behaviors, feeding habits, reproduction, human interactions, and more.
Ideal for nonscience majors and anyone seeking to learn more about insects and their arthropod relatives, BUGS RULE! offers a one-of-a-kind gateway into the world of these amazing creatures.
•    Places a greater emphasis on natural history than standard textbooks on the subject
•    Covers the biology and natural history of all the insect orders
•    Provides a thorough review of the noninsect arthropods, such as spiders, scorpions, centipedes, millipedes, and crustaceans
•    Features more than 830 color photos
•    Highlights the importance of insects and other arthropods, including their impact on human society
•    An online illustration package is available to professors
About the Authors:
Whitney Cranshaw is professor of entomology at Colorado State University. He is the author of Garden Insects of North America (Princeton). Richard Redak is professor of entomology at the University of California, Riverside. Both authors have years of experience teaching introductory entomology classes.

An Introduction to the World of Insects

Whitney Cranshaw & Richard Redak
Cloth | ISBN13: 978-0-691-12495-7 | $55.00 / £37.95
e-book | ISBN13: 978-1-400-84892-8
472 pp. | 8 x 10 | 830+ color photos. 18 tables.
Publication Date: September 25, 2013


Pawz Launches New Safespot Locking Leash
NEW YORK, NY – July 1, 2013 – As a dog owner, one of the most frightening things that can happen is the disappearance of our animal companion. It’s important that we keep our four-legged friends safe at all times. The new Safespot Locking Leash by Pawz is crucial to prevent your dog from being stolen.
Believe it or not, more dogs are stolen per year than bikes. Each year, approximately 2 million dogs are stolen whereas; the National Bike Registry estimates that yearly bike theft is around1.5 million. Unfortunately, there’s a black market for dogs, especially designer breeds or fighting dogs and the horrible act of pet theft is becoming more common in our society. Dogs are stolen and held for ransom, for sale to testing labs, for resale, or to keep. They could also be used as bait in dogfights and killed in cult rituals. It’s crucial that pet owners become aware of this dog theft epidemic and take the necessary precautions to protect their beloved canines.
You lock your bike, why not your Beagle?
The steel cable reinforced Safespot Locking Leash is the perfect everyday leash, from dropping off the kids at school to sending a package at the Post Office as well as trips to the coffee shop or grocery store. For some pet owners, running errands with their pups and leaving them in a vehicle or tied to a pole while making a quick purchase at a store may seem normal; however this is when dogs are in most danger of becoming stolen.
Safespot is a fully adjustable collar and lead in one, so there is no need to un-leash your dog at any moment. With a steel cabled core, pet owners will have peace-of-mind on those short occasions you need to leave your dog unattended. The patented design securely locks our canines to an immovable object when necessary or can be used as a daily walking leash without using the lock feature. Learn more at http://pawzdogboots.com/prod_leash.
Pawz Dog Boots LLC creates innovative pet products including Pawz disposable and reusable, waterproof dog boots and the 1Z Coat with built-in harness and now the Safespot Locking Leash. Learn more at http://pawzdogboots.com/.

Locomotion Pet Treats introduces our arthritis & joint cookies for aging and active dogs in a delicious treat.

Using 100% USA human grade glucosamine and chondroitin along with 3 other key ingredients, our supplement cookies give your dog multiple benefits. They increase cartilage growth, replenish joints synovial fluid, boost the immune system, improve circulation, & promote healthy muscles and coat. It also has an anti-inflammatory so it reduces pain. No messy powders, liquid or pills to deal with! Your dog will look forward to his daily supplement cookie and increased mobility.

Made is USA.

Give your dog the gift of motion. Give them “LOCOMOTION”

Locomotion Pet Treats




Dan Dietrich - Owner



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explores what animals can teach us about being human

• • •


“Beguiling . . . Virga is passionate about his work.” –Publishers Weekly

“This book is a thoroughly engaging and thoughtful consideration of the ways in which humans can benefit from closer attention to the ways of animals.” The Bark

“An insightful affirmation of our love of animals.” Kirkus Reviews

“Animal lovers will appreciate this tribute to the connection between humans and animals.”



• • • • •


Nearly two out of three American families share their homes with pets; one-half to two-thirds of that group see their pets as full-fledged family members. We speak of our pets as if they’re our children, invite them into our beds with us, celebrate their birthdays, take them on vacations, and even leave messages for them on the answering machine. Craving even more contact with animals, 143 million guests flock to zoos and wildlife parks each year in North America. What is it about animals that makes us feel such a strong kinship with them?

“I believe that the answer to that question lies in the sense of belonging we feel in the company of other creatures,” says veterinarian and animal behaviorist Dr. Vint Virga. “In the presence of animals, we find true acceptance. Alone with them, our self-consciousness dissolves.” Drawing on his thirty years’ experience working with animals both domestic and wild, Virga’s book THE SOUL OF ALL LIVING CREATURES: What Animals Can Teach Us About Being Human (on sale July 9) recounts true stories from Virga’s practice to examine the profound connections we forge with animals, and to explore the world from their viewpoint.

“We think that humans and animals express themselves in dramatically different ways, but if you look closely, that’s not really true,” says Virga. “Animals are just much more aware of the signals that they communicate with than we are. Part of my goal is to unlock the mysteries of animal behavior so we can have a new perspective on what is happening in our day-to-day lives on a less obvious level.”

“Surrounding every one of us are animals ready to serve as teachers by opening doors to new perspectives and ways of being,” says Virga. “If we’re willing to listen, notice, and embrace what we hold in common with them, together we can change how we live from day to day, and discover a deeper sense of connection to others and the world around us.” THE SOUL OF ALL LIVING CREATURES serves as a guide to beginning that process.

About the Author

Dr. Vint Virga is a distinguished practitioner and leader in veterinary behavioral medicine. He consults nationally to zoos and wildlife parks, private corporations, and professional organizations on the care and well-being of animals and has appeared on ABC’s World News, National Geographic’s Explorer, PBS’s Nature and on Wild TV.


On sale: July 9, 2013 • ISBN: 978-0-307-71886-0 • $25.00 • 240 pages

Also available as an ebook



Hear Doggy! is a patented collection of ultrasonic plush squeaky dog toys at a sound frequency ONLY THE DOG CAN HEAR.  Not the greatest to demo on  radio (haha), but these products are out of this world levels of cool for dogs.  I recently rec'd a quote from a pet-parent saying that Hear Doggy! saved their marriage, due to the crazy amounts of squeaking going on in the house from their "pack" of dog-kids.  LOL  That was probably an extreme case, but the Hear Doggy toys can definitely save you some sanity :))


Websites: www.quakerpetgroup.com or www.hear-doggy.com

Available at: www.amazon.com and www.simplydogsandcats.com

A comprehensive myth buster on the theories of dominance dog training
and why we shouldn’t blame the wolf ★ A true comparison between wolves
and dogs and the truth about the differences ★ How to have a happy dog ★
How to be a good handler ★ Superb colour photographs ★ Learning to say no
to inappropriate dog training ★ The freedom to let your dog be your faithful
companion ★ Looking at where training methods came from ★ Recognising
pain in your dog ★ Dog training from a fresh, more respectful angle
This book is a critique of traditional dog training and all the myths surrounding it, prompting the reader to look
again at why we do certain things with our dogs. It corrects out-of-date theories on alpha status and
dominance training, which have been so prominent over the years, and allows you to consider dog training
afresh in order to re-evaluate your relationship with your canine companion, ultimately achieving a partnership
based on mutual trust, love and respect.
Toni Shelbourne is a successful Tellington TTouch Companion Animal Practitioner, and has worked
professionally with dogs since 1989. In 2001 her work took her to the UK Wolf Conservation Trust, where she
was introduced to a pack of socialised wolves. She went on to work with the pack for ten years as a Senior
Wolf Handler and Education Officer. Through her time with these animals, Toni developed a unique insight into
their behaviour, leading to her questioning ingrained ideas about alpha theory.
Toni has written for several national dog magazines. This is her first book.
Veloce books are stocked by or can be ordered from bookshops and specialist mail order companies.
Incase of difficulty we can supply direct (credit cards accepted).

petprojektTM answers pets and parents
chewing etiquette concerns with ChewbiesTM
CINCINNATI (April 12, 2013) – Chewing – it’s both natural and necessary for dogs. Puppies often chew to
relieve teething discomfort and adult dogs commonly chew to alleviate boredom. But for those times or
situations when unfocused or unrestrained chewing becomes a concern, it’s important to redirect that
energy. Providing your furry family member with a toy that is appropriate for his size, age and chewing
preference is crucial to avoiding the development of potentially destructive behavior and expensive
When designing the ChewbiesTM dog toys, petprojektTM kept all of these concerns top of mind. That’s why
the colorful line of toys is crafted from 100% non‐toxic materials, that’s both safe and rewarding for the
dog to chew. Plus, each soft, yet durable character includes an excitement‐raising squeaker and a plush
tail for a completely stimulating experience.
Available in nine fun characters – including a bunny, squirrel, kitty kat, cow, chicken, pig, deer, bear and
fox – in sizes both large and small, petprojekt Chewbies offers dogs hours of safe, healthy chewing fun!
So when are petprojekt Chewbies a fit for your Fido?
When Traveling. Keep Fido entertained during long car rides with a Chewbies, it may mean the
difference between scratched leather or torn seems and a nicely maintained interior.
When Home Alone. Occupy your pet when you personally can’t with a Chewbies instead of
edibles, it has the excitement of a long lasting chew without the calories.
When Outdoors. Whether playing fetch in the backyard or headed to the beach, the bright
Chewbies toys are easy to find.
When Playing With Younger Family Members. Made to the highest safety standards yet seen in
the pet industry, there’s no need for concern if Chewbies are handled by your younger 2‐legged
6919 Silverton Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45236 T: 877‐PRO‐JEKT E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Like all petprojekt products, the Chewbies toy collection was created with the pet’s safety as the top
priority. Only 100% non‐toxic materials are used, without a trace of phthalates, cadmium, lead, DEHP,
heavy metals and BPA. Plus, they’re thoroughly tested by reputable independent organizations to further
ensure quality and integrity. To learn more about the complete line of petprojekt toys, accessories and
leads, visit www.petprojekt.com.
Founded in late 2008, petprojekt is a creatively driven toy and accessory firm dedicated to providing
safe, innovative, affordable and stylish products for pets that want to have fun. The number of toys and
accessories in the petprojekt catalog has multiplied to over 342 – and counting. But for all their stylishness
and uniqueness, one characteristic all petprojekt products have in common is safety. That’s why every
product is crafted from durable, non‐toxic materials and the entire line is lead, cadmium, DEHP, BPA and
phthalate free. The “bark” about petprojekt has been enthusiastic and loud. The line has been featured in
dozens of blogs and lifestyle magazines as well as on TV, from Daily Kibble to People Pets to the Ellen
DeGeneris Show. To learn more about petprojekt toys, accessories and leads, visit www.petprojekt.com.

The Adventures of Bella and Harry

by Lisa Manzione


- Children’s author exposes children to important world cities through the adventures of two small dogs

With kids today watching anime cartoons and nonchalantly snacking on things like hummus or lychee fruit, it’s becoming more and more easy to see the day-to-day effects of globalization in our American society. However, this welcome change doesn’t seem to affect our country’s knowledge of the world around us. In fact, according to a Roper poll done by National Geographic, nine in ten young adults couldn't find Afghanistan on a map of Asia. Despite the increasingly popular acceptance of cultural influences, America seems to be largely unaware of the geography that surrounds us. But there’s hope for the coming generations!

The new series The Adventures of Bella and Harry by Lisa Manzione will help young children get an early start on geography. Manzione’s books follow two small dogs as they travel the various major cities of the world, making geography fun and exciting for kids. As children engage in the series, they learn about different places of interest through the eyes of Chihuahua duo, Bella and Harry. Keeping with modern themes of global tolerance, Manzione touches on not only geography, but unique aspects that run deeply within each city’s culture.

I do not believe that there are enough books for children between the ages of five and ten years that address geography, customs, cultures, etc...,” says Manzione. I thought The Adventures of Bella and Harry series would be a good introduction for children, and hopefully stimulate their curiosity for more knowledge regarding the world in which we live.”

“Trying to teach tolerance of other customs and cultures is also something that I set out to do,” adds Manzione. “For example, one book in the series, Let’s Visit Istanbul! addresses mosques and Muslim faith and another, Let’s Visit Jerusalem! addresses the Western Wall and other religious landmarks.”

Major themes in the books include:

· Travel – The series gives children an exposure to traveling and the many gains one can acquire from it.

· Culture – Each book includes interesting things like typical food, dress, architecture, and religion.

· History – Landmarks are identified as well as ruins, museums, and even important bodies of water.

· Language – at the end of each book, Manzione includes basic vocabulary from the country explored, such as how to say “hello” and “goodbye”, and “yes” and “no.”

The books are written for elementary aged children and include adventures to London, Paris, Venice, Athens, Barcelona, Cairo, and Istanbul. Other cities such as Rome, Edinburgh, and Jerusalem are to be released within the year. The Bella and Harry website at www.bellaandharry.com also gives kids the opportunity to further interact with these two adorable dogs with coloring book printouts, interactive games, and information about the musical play based on the books. Also available online are study guides available to accompany each book in the series.

Lisa Manzione has traveled to each of the cities that she cites in her books. Manzione started the series after discovering that her children had an inadequate geographical education from their public schools. She is the proud single mother of two college-graduates and currently resides in Delray Beach, FL with her seven dogs.

For further information on the series please visit www.bellaandharry.com

The first nine books in The Adventures of Bella and Harry series include Let’s Visit London!, Let’s Visit Paris!, Let’s Visit Venice!, Let’s Visit Athens!, Let’s Visit Barcelona!, Let’s Visit Cairo!, Let’s Visit Istanbul! Let’s Visit Rome!, and Let’s Visit Edinburgh! are available for purchase on www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com.  Let’s Visit Jerusalem! Will be available on June 1st.

April 2013
The Secret Language of Dogs
Stories from a Dog Psychic
Jocelyn Kessler
Dog Whisperer to Celebrity Pets Shows How to Communicate with Your Dog
“I will always be grateful for the insights Jocelyn offered me, in how to help my sweet abused Dainty girl to live her happiest life!” —Carol Kane, Stage and Screen Actress
So often people mutter, “If only my dog could talk. Then I would know what he really wants. I would know what to do!” According to dog trainer and psychic, Jocelyn Kessler, dogs are communicating with us all the time, we just need to pay attention. “Your dog knows when you are getting a common cold even before you start sniffling,” says Kessler. “If you have great anxiety, not only does your dog feel it but she takes it on immediately. And, most of the time it’s because your dog doesn’t want you to feel it.”
Kessler, who has worked with the dogs of entertainment industry professionals, including celebrity actresses Parker Posey, Carol Kane, and Melanie Mayron, explains how to listen to your pet in her new book, THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF DOGS (Hampton Roads, April 2013).
Kessler offers poignant and humorous stories of actual sessions with clients, as well as a step-by- step guide to connect to your animal on your own. She explains how to read the behavioral and energetic traits of your dog, and how to avoid inflicting your own emotional issues onto your pet, along with special advice for helping dogs with medical conditions, rescue dogs, and dogs with behavioral issues.
THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF DOGS brings much needed attention to the value and appreciation of the wisdom of animals, how they live in the moment, and how, by connecting to them energetically, they can guide us to a higher level of understanding who and what we are.
Jocelyn Kessler lives in Los Angeles and works both in California and New York with animals and their owners, including many high profile individuals. Her website is www.jocelynkessler.com.
The Secret Language of Dogs
Jocelyn Kessler
Hampton Roads Publishing
Paperback/ $16.95
ISBN: 9781571746832
April 2013
Available wherever books and eBooks are sold or through Red Wheel/Weiser at (800) 423-7087 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., www.redwheelweiser.com

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