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Dr. Adriana Seidl, DVM - Tampa Bay, Florida

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Dr. Adriana Seidl  (AKA Dr. Adriana)  is passionate about the healing power of the human/animal bond and considers herself a humble servant of this powerful partnership. After her grandfather gifted her a horse and a heifer right after birth, animals have been a critical part of her human experience. 

From an early age, Dr. Adriana has been a crusader for animal causes and passionate about connecting with animals in an impactful and meaningful way. She is an Universidad Nacional de Colombia Veterinary School 2000 graduate. In 2001, she immigrated to the U.S, with one bag and one dream: becoming a veterinarian in the U.S.. In 2005, she completed a series of intense exams and requirements which earned her the American Veterinary Medical Association ECFVG certificate, enabling her to practice Veterinary Medicine and fulfill her dream. She has a particular interest in Clinical Pathology and Soft Tissue Surgery. Along with starting her own company Gypsy Dog & Doc and founding the Creature Covenant movement, Dr. Adriana has worked for the past 15 years as a leading veterinarian in the Tampa Bay Area. She recently joined the Boyette Animal Hospital team - one of the most prominent in Hillsborough County. She was the medical director of Wellswood Midtown Animal Hospital for 9 years, a relevant practice for the Spanish speaking community. She also helped found Vets4Pets, a non- for-profit charity hospital. Her accolades include:  the 2016 FVMA Gold Star Award,  the 2017 HCVMS /HAHF Silver Star Award and, nominations for the American Humane Association Hero Vet Award in 2018 and 2019.Throughout her successful career, Dr. Adriana has helped thousands of pets and animal rescue organizations.  She has also mentored young aspiring veterinary students to reach their own dreams of becoming veterinarians. Dr. Adriana is the past president of the Hillsborough County Animal Health Foundation and the current President of the Hillsborough County Veterinary Medical Society.  Furthermore, she is an active member of the Florida Veterinary Medical Association and American Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr Adriana resides in Lutz FL with her husband Kevin Seidl.  They have two rescued dogs: Gizmo an 11-year-old mixed ' Heinz-57' and Gypsy, a high energy 2-year-old Black Lab. Dr Adriana enjoys reading, constantly learning,  and giving back. She is a writer, a blogger  and podcaster.  She is a frequent co-host of the biggest pet radio show in the Country: Talkin Pets with Jon Patch and guest at Ultrasound WMNF 88.5 F.M Tampa. Her favorite activities involve mindful entrepreneurship, meditation, fitness, personal development, yoga, the vegan lifestyle, and philanthropy.

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