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Liberty Launches Revolutionary Wristband for Hands-Free Dog Walking

Patent-pending technology makes Liberty Wristband unlike anything on the market

Portland, Maine -- October 2, 2014 -- Liberty Wristband ( announced today the official launch of its signature product, a first-of-its-kind wristband that makes any leash hands-free, giving dog owners freedom and flexibility while enhancing control and maintaining safety. The Liberty Wristband solves a problem many people can relate to: walking your dog without having to hold tightly to a cumbersome leash.

"I love walking my rescue dog Henry, but like most people these days, I need to multitask," explained creator William Feldman.  "Other times, I simply want to relax my hands, let go of the leash and just enjoy our walk knowing he'd still be securely tethered to me. Nothing on the market that allowed me to free my hands and still have sufficient control, so I decided to go to the drawing board."

Why hands free? As most dog walkers know, holding on to a leash can be limiting, tiring and stressful. The Liberty Wristband, which connects to leashes of all sizes and safely holds any sized dog, allows owners to shop, drink a beverage, carry packages or talk on a cell phone with a free hand--all while enjoying that special time of day with their dogs.

Engineered with safety, comfort and convenience in mind, Liberty Wristband features a soft, weather-safe neoprene wristband with a super-strong fastening device and patent-pending, manual quick-release that allows the user to disengage from the pet quickly and easily, if needed. The result is a product that makes dog walking more convenient, safe and comfortable while also enhancing control.

"Many people struggle for control by wrist wrapping or clenching their hand...obviously taxing and stressful," explained Feldman. "Once a leash is attached to the Liberty Wristband, that issue is removed, and dog walkers transition any shock absorption to the stronger, bendable arm. In addition, if needed, they can still grab the leash because their hand is close by and free. Liberty Wristband also solves a deeper problem for those with hand or arm issues.

"I work with a lot of clients who have conditions such as carpel tunnel, tendonitis and arthritis, and not having to hold a leash eliminates the stress related to holding on and relieves a big burden," said Liz Langham, a professional dog trainer.

The patent-pending product is quickly earning rave reviews from pet owners, endorsements from dog trainers, and impressive interest from pet product retailers across the country.Liberty is available online at and at ebay and The Maine-based product has already been picked up by select retailers in Maine, California and Washington State. Just this week, the product was approved for sale in Boston-based Especially For Pets, a seven-store pet specialty store.

About Liberty Wristband

Liberty Wristband is a first-of its-kind dog wristband that allows dog owners the freedom to walk their dogs without holding on to a leash. The patent-pending technology features a comfortable, weatherproof neoprene cuff and a specially engineered quick release that, when manually activated, releases simply and instantly with any sized force or load. The Maine-based company launched in summer 2014 and is quickly earning a legion of fans and nationwide interest from retailers. Learn more at

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