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Screen Gems and Rainforest Films present a PG-13, approximately 120 minute comedy directed by Tim Story, written by Steve Harvey, David A. Newman and Keith Merryman with a theatre release date of April 20, 2012.

The story surrounds a group of men and women in California living their lives based on a best-selling book by Steve Harvey called “Act like a Lady, Think like a Man”. We have the young typical male, Alex (Chris Brown), not a huge roll but definitely a stereotype like all others, handsome, suave, moves from one girl to the other and lucky if he ever remembers the right name to go with the face and body of a girl he sleep with the night before. The “Mama’s Boy” Michael (Terrence Jenkins), mother Loretta (Jenifer Lewis) comes first and the date or potential girlfriend comes second but usually they don’t wait around long enough to classify as a girlfriend. The ‘Dreamer” Dominic (Michael Ealy) the man with the dreamy eyes that always wants but doesn’t know exactly how to make his thoughts into a reality. The “Player” Zeke (Romany Malco), a man that knows how to say the right words to get a woman into bed than leave her the next day, no strings attached. The “Non Committer” Jeremy (Jerry Ferrara), a man still living like a college frat boy surrounding himself with action figures and an old couch from a dumpster, afraid of responsibility and growing up. The “Happily Married Man” Bennett (Gary Owen), the perfect man in any woman’s eyes, always looking to please her in any way possible as long as they have each other. Last but not least, the “Happily Divorced Man” Cedric (Kevin Hart), bitter about women and thrilled to be back on the horse once again, answering to no one, especially a wife.

Each one of the men and their personalities come across a woman that ultimately changes their lives as they know it. Alex dumps Mya (Meagan Good) who eventually meets up with Zeke but she won’t open her jar of cookies until ninety days pass by or until she at least hears those three special words. Michael finds Candace in a book store line waiting to buy Steve Harvey’s book since her friends told her it was the bible for women on how to catch a man and being a single mother of Duke (Caleel Harris) she feels her chances are slim. Dominic the man with the golden taste buds under mistaken identity comes side by side with Lauren (Taraji P. Henson) a woman of power as the COO of a major company. She wants for nothing other than the perfect man but since she acts like one herself that may be a tall order especially since Dominic may not fit her check list of credentials. Jeremy has been with Kristen (Gabrielle Union) for nine years and until he grows up it seems she will never have a ring on her finger unless she like the other women coerce the men into the perfect relationships once again with the help of Steve Harvey’s book. As for Bennett we never get to meet his wife but take it from him he’s happy. One of the best characters in the story is Cedric, the man with all the words that will keep the audience in roars from beginning to end. Like some say the unhappy people in life are the ones that try so hard to be funny. Separated from Gail (Wendy Williams), Cedric eventually discovers what he truly longs for in his life.

As the women reference Steve Harvey’s book to catch a man, the men find out their secret and take revenge on the women but in the end not everything comes out smelling like roses. Or does it? The men think since they find out the women’s game plan, it is like taking a test and knowing all the answers but sometimes cheaters do get caught leaving the guys in the doghouse in search of their next meal. Overall though in love and relationships sometimes wrong is truly right!

The film is wonderfully directed if slightly a fraction too long. The writing is superb covering every aspect of dating, breakup’s, marriage, divorce, and every known emotion to the human spirit, all performed by a group of friends that the writers created wonderful dialogue for while fulfilling their character development, making the audience feel vested in their lives. All this enhanced by a perfect soundtrack worthy of the purchase at your nearest music store.

All the male actors are phenomenal lending support to each other throughout the whole story but it is Hart that takes that ball dribbles it down court and scores points. They all have a special quality that will entice the audience to want to get to know them. Of course for the female audience there are several shirtless moments to drool over. Besides Hart though the other stand out is Ealy with his sweet disposition this character is sure to make the ladies hearts swoon. As for the women they all are terrific but Good is better than good she’s actually quite perfect with Hall coming in as a close second. I’ve always liked Union and although not the biggest part in this film she doesn’t disappoint. Several cameos later, Vicki (Sherri Shepherd) the Ricki Lake of talk shows interviewing Harvey, who’s book is the main premise of the story and promoted throughout the entire film are both a nice addition to a very funny, realistic and perfectly written and acted story for both men and women. Thoroughly enjoyed, relatable and written with three paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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