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Jeff, Who Lives At Home Featured

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Paramount Vantage, A Right of Way Production, Indian Paintbrush, Jeff Brothers Productions and Mr. Mudd present an 83 minute, R rated dramatic comedy directed and written by Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass with a theatrical release date of March 16, 2012.


Have you ever seen the movie “Signs” starring Mel Gibson?  Well this films main character Jeff (Jason Segel) is the center of the attention in this story who believes that all things happen for a reason.  In the film “Signs” do you think that the premise of the story is based on movie magic or reality and does the end result point you towards your destiny?  There are many references to the meaning of life in this film as the story follows thirty year old Jeff who happens to still live at home in his mother Sharon’s (Susan Sarandon) basement.

His brother Pat (Ed Helms) is married to Linda (Judy Greer) and has forgotten how to love apparently.  He works at Poplar Paint Company and due to his insecurities and apparent mid-life crisis and lack of sex in his relationship he just bought a new Porsche against his wife’s wishes.  Meanwhile back the basement pothead Jeff gets a call from an unknown man looking for Kevin but no one by that name lives with Jeff.  Although he thinks it’s a sign that Kevin will fulfill his destiny.  On his way to the local Home Depot to find some glue to fix a shudder at the house he meets up with a Kevin (Evan Ross) on the bus.  Time later this Kevin turns out not to be an eleven out of ten but rather a zero.

Back in the life of Pat and Linda, he has an unpleasant occurrence in his Porsche with Jeff and later thinks Linda is having an affair with some guy by the name of Steve (Steve Zissis).  As for Mom she finds out she has a secret admirer at work and being a widow feels it’s time to finally take advantage of the waterfalls in life which sometimes turn out to be as simple as a sprinkler.  As for the secret admirer, sometimes life throws you lemons rather than oranges but on a hot day lemonade really does hit the spot giving you that relaxed and satisfied feeling like you’ve never ever felt before.  In life the expected love may come and go but the love of a friend like Carol (Rae Dawn Chong) may last an eternity!

Jeff is still on the rampage to find out the meaning of Kevin and he doesn’t find it in the candy man or any other signs that may spell or sound out Kevin but in the end it leads him and his entire family to rejoin all in one spot where he and his family all share in the belief of signs after all.

The story is well done, expressing true meaning in the fact that if we pay attention to our surroundings that in life there are signs that will pass us by unless we pay attention and believe.  On a down side the most dramatic and exhilarating part of the story comes together in the end which makes the whole set up to it a bit drawn out and lengthy, somewhat like its title.  I’d say the film itself has that after school special feel to it that has meaning and a good message but is suitable for television rather than the big screen.  Segel does justice to the role bringing every characteristic and emotion known to be found in a man on a quest.  Helms plays well off of Segel making them a good pairing.  Sarandon of whom I am a slight fan of does a nice job projecting her character as she tries to help her children while trying to maintain a healthy work place while trying to find her instant message secret admirer.  Greer and Chong both were good casting calls which helped to bring a somewhat lackluster movie idea to life, giving it a pulse even if a bit weak.  I can’t imagine this loosely based comedy will stick around long at the box office but it should do well on DVD for those of us lost along the way looking for the right path and the signs to point us towards our own destiny.  Written and understood with one and half paws out of four mainly for its depiction of signs in life that makes us who we are, by Jon Patch.

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