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Universal Pictures, Relativity Media, Intrepid Pictures, Moonlighting Films and Bluegrass Films Productions present a rated R, 115 minute, action, crime, mystery, drama directed by Daniel Espinosa and written by David Guggenheim with a theatrical release date of February 10, 2012.


When Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) meets Alec Wade (Liam Cunningham) in a public but private location in Cape Town, South Africa he is told what is in the box that they exchange will make the world a smaller place.  What he means by that we have no idea until the plot of course begins to unfold.  It is a microchip and in order for Frost to transport it safely he injects it into his skin.  Pretty much like the same microchips used on pets for identification but in this case everyone already knows who Frost is and they want what he has in his skin.  Pursued by a gang of unidentifiable men Frost is on the run for his life and the only way out is to enter the U.S.  Consulate.  Not really a great idea since Frost is wanted by the CIA located in Langley, Virginia for the past nine years for selling out the agency, also wanted in four continents for espionage. 

Still located in Cape Town the CIA decides to hide him out in a local safe house which has been watched for the past twelve months by a very bored, want to be special agent, Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds).  Tired of sitting around and lying to his girlfriend Ana (Nora Arnezeder) about what he does for a living he never expected that suddenly his boredom would lead to keeping a close eye on Frost along with a number of special agents.  One problem, their whereabouts has been breached and in a bloody and explosive gunfight Frost is on the run along with the rookie that holds a gun on him, Weston.

As the hour’s countdown both men run from one location to another pursued by Vargas (Fares Fares) and his group of assassins.   As Matt is in contact with his buddy David Barlow (Brendan Gleeson) at the CIA along with associates Catherine Linklater (Vera Farmiga) and their boss Harlan Whitford (Sam Shepard) he begins to feel that his protection may be compromised at the agency.  No longer a rookie but rather a killer some people become collateral damage when Matt tries to hide Frost out at a local soccer game.  The agency tells Matt he has done a fine job and that they would handle it from there since Matt has lost Frost.  Not giving up he soon tracks down Frost hiding out with Carlos Villar (Ruben Blades) in Langa Township.  Villar is an old friend that helps him in a time of need. 

The agency begins to wonder if Matt has turned or is just trying to prove himself so they decide to send Linklater and Barlow out to South Africa to find both men, bring them back and uncover just what Wade gave to Frost.  One thing not everyone at the agency can be trusted especially since the microchip that Frost carries could actually be incriminating to certain agencies globally.  Corruption is rampant and no house seems safe and survival of the fittest does not only exist in the animal world.  Overall in the end someone discovers he’s better than another and that the truth is never too messy but rather necessary.

The story to me seems a bit predictable although well directed with a lot of chase scenes, gun fights, knock down fist fights and car crashes that help to keep the film entertaining.  Washington made out to be the bad guy actually has a bit of a good guy appeal playing both sides of the agency which he can always do so well in his feature roles without even saying much.  Reynolds of course good looking with those boy next door looks surely can hold his own against the likes of Washington proving that good hair, a great smile and dimples can also kick some ass when he needs too.  Both men really play well off each other and make this story worth watching even if I thought it seemed  a bit easy to figure out.  Farmiga, Shepard and Gleeson don’t have huge roles but they are important to the plot unlike Arnezeder which did not in my mind need to exist in the film if not for a few personal conversations between the two leads.  Overall its surely a man’s movie that’s full of excitement, intrigue and mystery, which of course in the end leaves the door wide open for a sequel should the numbers bode well at the box office.  I don’t see this film exploding at the ticket window but will definitely do well on DVD.  It is exciting and gritty but has nothing that left me surprised enough to make me change my mind but rather maybe adapt to it as just another action film out to kick some ass.  Written and enjoyed mainly for the two leads with two out of four paws, I’m Jon Patch.

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