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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island Featured

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Warner Bros. Pictures, New Line Cinema, Walden Media and ContraFilm Productions present a PG, 94 minutes action, adventure, comedy directed by Brad Peyton, written by Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn with a theatrical release date of February 10, 2012.


Loosely based on the Jules Verne story of “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” sequel “The Mysterious Island” this plot follows the adventure of an educated but rebel young man, Sean (Josh Hutcherson), who receives a radio message from his Grandfather Alexander (Michael Caine), in code of course, letting him know the island is real.  Sean’s mother Liz (Kristin Davis) is married to Hank (Dwayne Johnson) who has become the legal guardian of Sean but Sean does everything possible to keep Hank at a distance.  That is until Hank steps in to help him decode his Grandfathers message and locate the mysterious island located in the Pacific Ocean off of Palau.  Palau by the way happens to have some of the best and most beautiful waters for diving and snorkeling, just in case you’re interested as a vacation destination.  I doubt by chance though you’ll find an island like the one featured in this film though!

Once in Palau Sean and Hank hire Gabato (Luis Guzman) who owns Gabato’s Luxury Tours with his daughter, Kailani (Vanessa Hudgens).  It just so happens the tour is by helicopter not ship but either way the part of the ocean they search for no one wants to enter anyway since it means instant death.  But money talks especially for Gabato who strives to send his only daughter to college.  Like a page from the novel the four adventurers end up on the island from a violent helicopter crash through a frightening hurricane full of twisters.  Once they leave the beach and enter the island they notice that everything known to them that are normally small is now large and everything large, like an elephant, is now small.

As they search for Sean’s Grandfather they realize that they’re walking on egg shells in the jungle, literally, and mother lizard is not happy and being the size of a dinosaur the foursome have no choice but to run for their lives.  This chase scene really contains some awesome 3D footage mixed in with slow motion action that leaves your eyes glued to the screen with anticipation of what happens next.  When they stumble upon Alexander he introduces them to his home and what the island has to offer, the Lost City of Atlantis.  But throughout all the wonder and beauty of such a magical place they discover that the island is returning to the sea and they only have a short time to find a way off the island before they too become a mystery. 

They must now search for the Nautilus which is located under Poseidon’s cliffs on the other side of the island.  Along the journey they are confronted with giant bugs, spiders, bees and ants but the most thrilling ride was that of the birds out for a taste of their favorite meal which happens to be the five adventurer’s transportation.  Sean during one of the chase sequences happens to tumble and twist his ankle and without medicine to take away the pain Hank uses his voice to sing which has been known by some to have a healing power.  Now who would have thought big man “The Rock” would actually have a nice voice?  It did not heal but it surely was in tune and it added another moment of levity in the story. 

They do find Nemo’s submarine but getting to it and starting it up after 140 years is another subject.  Thanks to one of the oceans creatures the lights are on and somebody is home and lucky for them they have a pilot on board and a man with muscles.  Six months later on Sean’s birthday Alexander returns with a message that will take them on another adventure from the earth to the moon. 

You may know Peyton from directing “Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore” and he once again takes us on a family ride into a fantastical world of beauty and imagination.  You will need imagination to enjoy this story of course since the premise is based on fantasy to be enjoyed and not taken as real.  He really takes us on an adventure that will truly be enjoyed by the whole family which contains some amazing 3D images; thrills and scary moments sure to have you jump in your seats especially if you’re a child.  The writing was well done if not a bit light at times but compatible with the premise of the film which is accompanied by a nice score.

Hutcherson who you will notice from “Journey to the Center of the Earth” along with many other films and soon to be seen in “Hunger Games” and the remake of “Red Dawn” does some really nice work here keeping is likeability factor at an all-time high.  Johnson proves that he truly can play a bad ass at one moment than turn it around and play it smooth and family oriented like this film and of course “The Tooth Fairy”.  Caine is always great in what he does.  Could it be the accent or his talent?  Maybe a little of both!  Hudgens proves that she can play a tough girl and still carry the charm like the girl next store.  She keeps Hutcherson in line since during most of the story he’s out to capture her heart.  Davis is just a small bleep on the radar, not really adding much to the story other than as an extra, but a well paid extra I’m sure!  As for Guzman, I like this guy and even though he can play it tough or cheesy either way it seems to work for him and does so once again in this film.  “Journey 2” is definitely not going to receive any awards except for maybe special effects but it is a delightful, fun film to enjoy with the whole family.  Written with two and a half paws out of four at least for the animals and cool photography, I’m Jon Patch.

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