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Twentieth Century Fox, Adam Schroeder Productions and Davis Entertainment present a PG-13, 83 minute action, adventure, thriller, horror, drama directed by Josh Trank with screenplay and story by Max Landis with a theatrical release of February 3, 2011.


High school student Andrew Detmer (Dane DeHaan) is not exactly the most popular kid in high school, shunned by the cheerleaders, beaten by the bullies and just overall disliked by most he tries to fit in but to know prevail.  His mother Karen (Bo Petersen) is at home on a respirator struggling to survive and his father Richard (Michael Kelly) tends to beat Andrew every chance he gets, which is often since he doesn’t work.  Andrew’s only outlet and friend just so happens to be an old camera he purchased to film everything in his life.  Like many other films before this one, “Blair Witch”. Paranormal Activity” the camera becomes the main focus of the story as the audience gets to see many parts of the film through its particular lens.  I actually liked the twist between what was supposed to be reality versus the director’s camera as the scenes use a perspective from both angles.

Convinced to get out of the house one night by his cousin Matt Garetty (Alex Russell) they both attend a local rave party with of course camera in tow.  Things don’t go so well for Andrew at the dance but Matt meets his dream girl that he has stalked since sophomore year, Casey Letter (Ashley Hinshaw) who by the way also has a camera attached to her hand since she has her own blog.  When Matt and his buddy Steve Montgomery (Michael B. Jordan), the most popular kid is senior class, stumble upon a hole in the ground out in the woods they seek Andrew to come film it.  One by one they enter the hole, which leads to a cave which leads to some strange glowing object, something that affects each of them in bizarre ways.  Oddly enough the story never really explains what this object was but I guess that leaves it open for part two as it flashes forward to a short time in the future and the guys trying to tool their new found abilities.

Soon the three boys, now best friends discover that they have the ability to move things with their minds.  They play pranks on unsuspecting people around town which truly is quite funny to watch, that is until one day it gets out of hand.  Road rage can be a dangerous thing especially if your enraging three friends able to cause an accident with the use of their minds and a swipe of their hands.  This begins the turning point for Andrew once unpopular then popular but once again unpopular.  So what better to do than release the beast from within?  So much for the boys rules of not affecting living things, not to use their powers when angry and especially not in public.  As they tool their new powers they learn not only how to stop their nose bleeds from pushing too hard but also that they are capable of so many other things inhumanly possible to the typical man. 

Once the shy Andrew no longer but rather he turns into someone angry causing the death of a friend.  It started with a spider and ended with disaster.  His personal pain has taken over and Andrew has lost control causing a battle in the city of Seattle between himself and Matt.  Truly some fantastic special effects take place has both boys ripe apart the metropolis like that of two super-powers from a Marvel comic book.  As the saying goes, live by the sword die by the sword, hello Tibet and goodbye Andrew.

I went into this film hoping to see a good story, well done, with lots of awesome special effects and I must say I was not disappointed.  Great direction, young demo friendly writing sure to please the young adult crowd and some decent yet not spectacular acting and this film really delivers.  I expect word of mouth will keep this movie going at the box office for a while especially since it has some originality. The plot is full of intrigue since most people wonder about telekinesis and the possibilities of mind over matter.  Grant it there are a few holes in the story and unanswered questions but none enough to squelch the momentum.  With an unknown cast of characters DeHaan, Russell and Jordan, all three really do a superb job most of the time making the audience feel connected to their plight and flight amongst the unknown.  In this case truly unknown since we never learn about what really gave them their powers.  I guess this leaves the door wide open for a sequel and actually deservedly so.  Written and thoroughly enjoyed with 3 paws out of four for the interesting concept, I’m Jon Patch.

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