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Di Bonaventura Pictures and Summit Entertainment present a PG-13, 102 minute, crime, thriller directed by Asger Leth and written by Pablo F. Fenjves with a theatrical release date of January 27, 2012.


Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) an ex-cop now a convicted felon on the run checks into the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City under an alias identity.  He was convicted to twenty five years and sent to Sing Sing Correctional Facility to serve his time for stealing the Monarch Diamond from Englander International owned by the wealthy David Englander (Ed Harris).  When Nick was informed of his father’s death he was allowed to attend his funeral under supervision of police but when an argument breaks out between he and his brother Joey (Jamie Bell) he soon uses the opportunity to escape hence eventually showing up on the ledge of the Roosevelt Hotel.

Once asked in prison if he would hurt himself the answer was no but when asked if he would kill himself the answer became yes!  Now standing on a ledge twenty one stories above ground a woman screams and soon Officer Jack Dougherty (Edward Burns), the local police, SWAT, fire department and Channel 12 news led by reporter Suzie Morales (Kyra Sedgwick) are on the scene.  Women tend to jump for love and men for money but when Nick requests the assistance of Police Psychologist Lydia Mercer (Elizabeth Banks) to talk him down, questions become apparent of his real reasons for standing on the ledge attempting to jump.  Soon his mystery status becomes apparent to everyone involved and with the help of his family Joey along with his girlfriend Angie (Genesis Rodriguez) and an unknown valet (William Sadler) the truth behind his guilt or innocence starts to unravel. 

There were others involved in the caper of the Monarch Diamond and his partner Mike Ackerman (Anthony Mackie) along with Internal Affairs may have the answers needed to prove his innocence.  But without the actual diamond it may be difficult for his case to hold in court so he and his family plot to steal the diamond for the actual first time in hopes of proclaiming Nick’s freedom.  How far would you go to take down the man who wronged you?  Blood is truly thicker than water and a family affair is truly stronger than Internal Affairs!  Sometimes it is a good idea to keep your enemies closer than your friends because when all is said and done in the end the innocent may be the guilty and the accused actually the innocent. 

The film will definitely keep your attention even though some of the direction is a bit awkward and far=-fetched in the beginning along with some holes in the writing.  It took me some time to get past Worthington’s look, that of longer fuller hair, since most films I’ve seen him in like “Clash of the Titans” and “Terminator” he sported short hair.  Even though most of the footage reminded me of the film “Phone Booth” since the main actor spends most of the film on a ledge like Colin Farrell does in a telephone booth, the director actually makes the plot interesting using the other actors and side stories that tie into the main story of proving Nick’s innocence.  Although the writers tried to bring a bit of humor to the relationship between the characters Joey and Angie it at times fell a bit flat and unnoticeable making it cute but not important to the rest of what was going on.  Overall though a well done job making a familiar story line worth watching thanks to a few bumps, twists and turns involving some of the characters.

Worthington does a justifiable job as the main character but most of the time seems a bit unemotional to the audience whereas Bell is quite the opposite.   Bell as you may remember him as “Billy Elliott” is definitely all grown up and truly does a superb performance working with Rodriguez to pull off a heist.  Even though many of her lines fall a bit flat Rodriguez is truly likeable and thanks to her good looks enjoyable to watch.  Sedgwick was almost an extra becoming a bit of a waste of talent that an unknown or new comer would have been ok to play.  Although Burns, Mackie and Sadler are important to the story line they don’t make as much camera time as some of the other main characters.  Last but not least to mention Banks was probably my favorite making every scene she appears in come to life.  Albeit not an original story it does truly entertain, adding a few wow factors and intriguing situations to keep the story worth your time in the theatre if nothing else seems to catch your eye on the billboard.  Written with two paws out of four, I’m Jon Patch.

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