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Relativity Media, Atmosphere Entertainment MM, Hollywood Gang Productions and Virgin Produced present an R rated, 110 minute action, fantasy, drama directed by Tarsem Singh, written by Charley Parlapanides and Vlas Parlapanides with a theatrical release of November 11, 2011.


All men’s souls are immortal.  The souls may be immortal but the bodies that carry them are not.  Caged within a cave are a group of Titans that are about to be released on to civilization ending mankind as it is known.  A man known as King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) stands atop a ridge holding a bow aimed at the golden cage and suddenly a woman awakens.  This woman is an oracle known as Phaedra (Freida Pinto) and she has looked into the future aware that King Hyperion searches for the bow and the intention of releasing the Titans with its use.

Greece 1228 B.C., a civilization of villagers on the Kolpos Peninsula live within the side of a mountain and are about to flee behind the great wall in order to protect themselves from the coming of war.  In the eyes of some peasants are last to leave and when Theseus (Henry Cavill) and his mother Aethra (Anne Day-Jones) are about to leave before their time they are stopped creating a confrontation with soldiers, one in particular Lysander (Joseph Morgan) who Theseus holds a knife to unless his fellow soldiers back off.  Noticed by an officer, Helios (Peter Stebbings) for his fighting abilities and strength he is asked to join their ranks and how he learned such excellent warrior skills.  Taught by an old man (John Hurt) who covets a secret identity hidden from Theseus and the villagers, Theseus is unaware he is being groomed to become a leader.  Little does Theseus or anyone else for that matter know that walking amongst the villagers is a God seen only by them in his mortal form.

Lysander upset that he could not kill Theseus in their argument has defected and has bowed down to King Hyperion to seek revenge on his village.  King Hyperion though is not fond of a traitor and decides with the help of his beast to prevent Lysander from ever spreading his seed.  Let’s just say the method used somewhat resembles a violent game of crocket.   Hyperion lets Lysander live along with a Monk (Greg Bryk) who has just cut out his own tongue to prevent him from telling Hyperion where to find the Epirus Bow.  The Bow he seeks to destroy his enemies and the Gods lead by Zeus.   Hyperion scars Lysander for life like all his other followers to prove the fact that they are his worshipers, his soldiers, always under his command.

The Gods, Zeus (Luke Evans), Athena (Isabel Lucas), Poseidon (Kellan Lutz), Aries (Daniel Sharman) and Heracles ( Steve Byers) watch from above the actions of the mortals but are not allowed to interact unless somehow the Titans are released.  The only way the Titans can escape is by the use of the bow, the bow that Hyperion seeks for that very reason.

Before Theseus and his mother are able to leave the village they are attacked by Hyperion and his men and all are killed, including his mother, except Theseus.  Hyperion tries to get him to join his ranks but all Theseus feels in his heart is revenge for his mother’s death.  Taken prisoner he soon escapes from Hyperions men with the help of the Oracle and forges a small group, Stavos (Stephen Dorff) the sharp tongued troublemaker, Dareios (Alan Van Sprang) , the Monk and of course the Oracle.  When he returns to bury his dead mother he is once again confronted by Hyperion’s men only to find the bow and destroy any one in his way.  Of course there is the love affair that takes place between Theseus and the Oracle, who happens to bear all in one private moment.  Unlike Lysander, Theseus is still able to bare seed and eventually bares a son with the Oracle.  Although there tends to be a bit of a positioning blooper during their sex scene, not too hard to see if you watch the angle of Theseus’s body in bed. 

As the small group departs to Mount Tartarus to fight Hyperion they are tricked by some of Hyperion’s men causing a faithful Hyena to grab the bow and run it to the King.  Now in King Hyperion’s hands he intends to seek war on the villagers and release the Titans, no negotiations at all.  In a bloody battle to reach the cave where the Titans are held Hyperion points the bow and shoots, releasing the Titans.  Now the Gods have become truly involved and have come to earth to fight a bloody battle with the Titans and hopefully save mortal man.  All men’s souls are immortal and the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine.  A son is born to one day follow in his parent’s footsteps like his father under the guidance of the Gods.  One in particular, known to many as just an old man! 

I must say I absolutely enjoyed the story which actually flows well from beginning to end.  The only thing was that in one moment the audience is taking in some absolutely brilliant cinematography then the next minute you’re looking at some poor back-drops and somewhat over-created costumes.  Grant it the good over-takes the bad but still you can’t help but question what they were thinking with some of the outfits.  Even at times I would have to question the direction, photography and writing of the story.  Like I said it flows well but at times it just seems a bit cheesy.  The film seems to want to achieve the status of earlier films like “300” but falls a bit short landing it closer to “Clash of the Titans”.  The final moments of the film when all hell breaks out and several battles engage, the special effects, 3D, stunts and matrix type moves are superb.

Cavill, in the very near future will be sporting a cape as the new Superman but I must say he holds his own here in this story and I’m sure the girls in the audience will more than appreciate his costume or lack thereof.  Rourke is just a genius and once again plays the bad guy with total conviction out-shining his fellow actors.  Although the many scenes in which he kept wearing a mask, mumbling his speech, would have been better in the long run without.  Pinto looks great but her acting abilities seemed to fade in and out for me, sometimes right on mark and sometimes a bit lost.  I must say I was a bit surprised she dropped her clothes in the short love scene between her character and that of Theseus.  Evans does a nice job as Zeus but I think I would rather for the context of the story seen a bit older actor.  Of course all the Gods looked rather polished in their gold costumes, muscled and young with enough bare skin to cause the audience to envy, admire or just plan lust after each and every one.  One in particular Lutz, soon to be seen in the next “Twilight” film is quite buff and a bit unrecognizable but definitely capable to pull off the character Poseidon.  Morgan does a nice job as Lysander, the traitor, making you agree with the comments by Hyperion.  Funny though on one of my favorite television series, “The Vampire Diaries” he plays a much stronger but still hated character.  Overall I’m sure the film will do well if the audience can get past some of the over-done wardrobes and bad individual and a bit amateurish camera shots.  It is in no doubt a man’s man movie that will surely attract a crowd out for some kick ass fights, bloody battles with heads flying all under a Greek Mythology setting sure to quench the thirst of good versus evil.  Written and enjoyed with two paws out of four, I’m Jon Patch.

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