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Final Destination 5 Featured

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Warner Bros. Pictures, New Line Cinema, Jellystone Films and Practical Pictures present an R rated, 92 minute horror, thriller directed by Steven Quale, written by Eric Heisserer and Jeffrey Reddick with a release date of August 12, 2011.

I am a big fan of horror films so I must say that even the good the bad and the ugly are all worth a view but of course not necessarily worth the ticket price.  Even though this “Final Destination” has made it to number five I must say I still enjoyed it and found myself and my family gasping in disgust of the 3D carnage of young innocent people.  Of course if you’ve seen any of the other “Final Destination” films before this one than you already know the set up since nothing changes other than the way each person dies. 

Sam Lawton (Nicholas D’Agosto) is a chef to be with an opportunity to internship in Paris.  He cooked some desserts for his current co-workers at Presage Papers as they are about to embark on a bus ride to a company retreat with their boss Dennis (David Koechner) and his right hand man Peter Friedkin (Miles Fisher).  Molly (Emma Bell) shows up for the bus ride but brings with her some bad news.  Molly no longer wants to go out with Sam.  All aboard and ready to depart, Candace Hooper (Ellen Wroe) who is dating Peter, Olivia Castle (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) the beauty with a tough edge, Isaac (P.J. Byrne) the nerd that lives for his cell phone, Nathan (Arlen Escarpeta) the young new floor boss that is dealing with his rival Union boss, Roy (Brent Staitnot), who is not on the bus, as well as a number of other Presage employees used as backdrops of future death on a suspension bridge that crumbles to the waters below killing eighty six but leaving eight to face their own “Final Destination”.

Watch your step as you walk on to a bus for it may be your last!  As the Presage employees travel to their retreat they pass a Tagert Logging truck which of course brings back flashbacks for any fans of the previous films.  Sam wakes up from a premonition where the suspension bridge they are stopped on suddenly begins to crumble due to construction.  The wires begin to snap and the concrete crumbles below their feet as they all exit the bus running towards safety.  Many die except for one in particular and Sam wakes up.  He begins to panic as even the slightest occurrence from his dream begins to become reality so he reaches for Molly while screaming for everyone to run from the bus and off the bridge.  Most fall to their deaths like dust in the wind but eight lucky employees survive.

One by one they begin to die in the most bizarre manner and Agent Block (Courtney B. Vance) suspects foul play from Sam.  How did he know the bridge would collapse?  At the cemetery Bludworth (Tony Todd), a creepy man who we find out later is the Chief Medical Examiner warns the lucky eight that death doesn’t like to be cheated and will find a way to come back at each of them.  Creepy yes but he was actually much creepier as the character “Candy Man” in another horror film series. 

Candace a gymnast meets up with her fate thanks to climate control; Isaac who stole a dead person’s gift certificate to Ming Yun Spa did not have so quite a happy ending, and as for Olivia, well let’s just say thanks to Lasik surgery she won’t be needing those glasses any more.  Nathan gets lucky a second time but later on we find out that three strikes you’re out.  As for Dennis once a tool always a tool so what better way to bite the dust.  As for Peter he thinks if he kills someone than death will skip him and give him the dead persons lost years.  Nice to think so but one never knows how many years a person really has since death has a way of finding you with little acknowledgement if any at all.  There are some innocent victims along the way that did not deserve to die but sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Two weeks later after a brutal fight at Sam’s workplace the last remaining people from the lucky eight decide to head to Paris only to be involved in someone else’s vision at 30,000 feet.  In the end I must say that I liked the twist and enjoyed the tie in to the past that is actually in the present time making the audience eleven years younger.  I love horror films and have to say even though the premise of this film has been done five times it still makes me cringe in my seat.  The 3D absolutely works for this rendition as we watch so many people gruesomely die in close up vision. 

D’Agosto leads the film and truly does a nice job as the key to the premonition.  Bell although seemed a bit one dimensional most of the times finds her other dimensions in the end making up for most of the first half of the story.  Wroe also is a bit plastic falling a bit to her death in more than one way.  As for MacInnes Wood well she looked good even with one eye.  Koechner brings his usual sense of levity, Todd his creepy demeanor and Escarpeta, well; maybe another trip back to Theatre 101 for a refresher course would help.  Overall though for a horror thriller they all complimented each other in some ways but it is truly the 3D and the CGI along with the gruesome way death takes them all out is what will make the money at the box office probably leaving room for lucky number 6.  Written and enjoyed with two paws by Jon Patch.

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