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Universal Pictures, Original Film, Big Kid Pictures and Relativity Media present an R rated, 101 minute comedy directed by David Dobkin, written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore with a release date of August 5, 2011.

This is a movie that parents may truly appreciate that is if you can move past the bad language, sexual innuendoes, nudity and overall slapstick humor.  Dave Lockwood (Jason Bateman) is a successful attorney working his way towards becoming a partner at the firm.  He lives in a beautiful home, has three adorable children, Cara (Sydney Rouviere) the eldest daughter, twins Peter (Luke Bain) and Sarah (Lauren Bain) and a beautiful wife Jaime (Leslie Mann) with no needs for anything in life.  His best buddy since third grade is Mitch Planko (Ryan Reynolds) an actor that works periodically in between his many days spent high on marijuana, drunk on alcohol, sleeping with multiple women, acting in a commercial or as a lead in soft porn.  No one looks up to Mitch as being a success, not even his father (Alan Arkin).

One night while out on the town together Mitch and Dave decide to relieve themselves in the local parks fountain.  Both envying each other’s lives they shout together “I wish I had your life” and the next morning they woke up as the other person.  Dave was now trapped in Mitch’s body and Mitch in Dave’s.  Interesting to watch the two men change personalities as they portrayed the characteristics of their best friend’s personality.  More interesting though is the revelations each have about their lives when they begin to observe and listen to the people within their inner circles make comments about each man not knowing that on the outside Dave looks like Dave but is actually Mitch and vice versa.

As they decide to live as the other person for some time Mitch must now learn the skills of an attorney and help close a huge multimillion dollar deal that the firm is looking to close and in the meantime keep his hands off his new associate Sabrina McArdle (Olivia Wilde), not an easy task when he does not know anything about our laws and when you see Sabrina well that hurdle may be even more difficult.  As for Dave he now gets to enjoy the life of a lazy man with nothing to do but loaf off and masturbate, a bit odd since he is actually holding Mitch’s privates when he performs that act.  The story gets even a bit more bizarre when a naked Tatiana shows up at Mitch’s apartment looking for her Tuesday night rendezvous.  Dave anticipates her appearance that is until she shows up nine month pregnant about to drop any moment.  Interesting what one would find out about their best friends life if only were able to be them for a few days.

Strangely enough the men begin to adapt to the others life style at first but when push comes to shove they mentally discover that they were truly happy as themselves and return to the fountain to get their identities back.  One big problem though the city moved the mountain from the park.  In a journey to find the fountain which is now the center piece at the Peachtree Galleria in Atlanta both men in front a crowd of girl scouts, families, men and women whip it out once again in hopes that they will get there true lives back.  In a shout of faith the men wake up the next morning, Mitch in his bed and Dave in his but missing Mitch’s penis.

I found myself laughing several times at this unoriginal but well directed comedy filled with some hysterical lines and a great soundtrack.  Truly worthy of its R rating this film is a reflection of the fact that the grass is not always greener on the other side.  We may learn that some things in our lives may need to change but for the most part we should all be happy with the lives we have and the people we share them with from day to day.  I’ve really become a huge fan of Bateman who is able to draw an audience into his world no matter what his character must face even at the risk of complete nudity.  Reynolds is not as muscular as he was in “The Green Lantern” but like his character in this film he proves that on and off screen he is truly a ladies man who knows how to trigger a hormonal reaction with his perfect hair and bright smile.  Mann even reveals herself a bit more than one would have thought but with slow motion and a wind fan on her she looks just as good as the girl next door especially if you live next to Hugh Hefner.  The Lockwood children are all hysterical with special effects laced throughout the film like exploding poops, farts, use of weapons and just plain moments of children gone wild.  With yet another film in theatres now, “Cowboys & Aliens” Wilde is truly the it girl with every man on this planet looking for a piece of “it” as Mr. Lucky man Dave trapped in Mitch’s body has the chance to experience rationalizing that his mind will have her but Mitch’s body will be doing the touching so it’s not really cheating on his wife.  Is it?  A great cast filled with some brilliant acting and hysterical moments and one liners, this film is sure to please the average viewer out for a good time.  Written and enjoyed with three paws by Jon Patch.

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