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Screen Gems, Castle Rock Entertainment and Olive Bridge Entertainment present an R rated, 109 minute romantic comedy directed by Will Gluck, written by Keith Merryman and David A. Newman with a release date of July 22, 2011.


Has this formula been done before on the big screen?  But of course!  Remember “No Strings Attached” with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman, forget about it, since FWB (Friends with Benefits) is a thousand times better and actually worth the ticket price.  It may have a hard time finding its place amongst so many high expectant money making films hitting theatres at the same time, Harry Potter, Captain America, Transformers but I believe it will find the female audience looking for a glance at Timberlake’s naked butt.  I meant, females actually searching for something other than action, adventure, fantasy, CGI, 3D, the foundation for most male movie-goers.  Although some may actually like Timberlake’s smooth buttock!

Dylan (Justin Timberlake) living in Los Angeles is being dumped by his current girlfriend Kayla (Emma Stone) outside on the sidewalk of a John Mayer concert.  Timberlake by the way does a nice job as a triple threat, singer, nude model, and actor.  Yes he is nude in the film and models it well but realistically this man can really act and does a great job proving it in this story.  Jamie (Mila Kunis) lives in New York City and is also being dumped, by her boyfriend Quincy (Andy Samberg).  Do you really think Kunis has big scary eyes?  Quincy thinks Jamie does hence the reason for the break-up.  In the bitter end though how many times during a break-up between lovers does one hear “it’s not you it’s me”?  Yes way too many!  Then the big bomb drops, “Let’s try to be friends”.  Ok really, seriously, get real!

Jamie happens to be a headhunter and she discovers Dylan working in LA and fly’s him to NYC for an interview with GQ as their art director.  Unsure he should take it since to him LA is easy going and cool and NYC is violent and too fast paced.  Two different worlds of course but sometimes change is a good thing.  Dylan takes the job and soon meets Tommy (Woody Harrelson) the gay sports editor and a friendship without benefits is born, “strictly dickly”.  Harrelson is hysterical as the gay associate comfortable within his own skin.  Jamie takes Dylan out on the town of NYC to celebrate and they soon find themselves in the middle of a flash mob on Times Square.  Pretty awesome on the screen so I can only imagine seeing so many people coming together to dance would be pretty unforgettable in reality.

Dylan and Jamie soon become good friends knowing that he is emotionally unavailable and she is emotional damaged but after placing their hands on the almighty I Pad Bible they agree to become FWB’s.  No emotions, just sex and just friends.  Ok right, he’s cut and she’s hot, like you really think nothing is going to pop up between them.  Sometimes life can turn into a real romantic drama like on the big screen.  Oh right again, that’s what this is!

First times are always the best, discovering the oddities of each other’s bodies, their likes and dislikes, what makes them giggle and what makes them sneeze.  Yes I wrote the word sneeze.  You’ll understand during the first orgasm.  All is moving along fine in her apartment, she’s on top, he’s on top, he’s naked, she’s naked until the door opens one night and in enters Lorna (Patricia Clarkson) Jaime’s mother.  Two really is company and yes three is a bit of a crowd but they make it work. 

Of course the story is cliché, boy meets girl, boy gets girl, loses girl, then tries to get girl back.  After many sexual encounters between the two, Jaime realizes she wants to date again and both her and Dylan search Central Park and beyond for that special someone, a lover more than a friend.  Dating, we all know what that can be like!  Awkward! 

It’s the July 4th weekend and what to do?  Dylan asks Jamie to fly to LA with him to meet his family.  Only as friends of course!  They tried sex without emotions but this time try to have emotions without sex.  Possible?  Not really!  Jamie meets his father Mr. Harper (Richard Jenkins) who suffers from Alzheimer’s along with his sister Annie (Jenna Elfman) and Sam (Nolan Gould) his younger brother while staying at their home on the beach.  Things soon become a bit awkward in the Harper home when overheard words create some damage among the two friends. 

Later back in NYC the two friends have grown distant but with words of wisdom from Dylan’s father while he is visiting things take a sudden turn and the world has once again become a better place.  It’s closing time at Grand Central Station and we find out that sometimes two wrongs can really make a right especially when it involves “Friends with Benefits”.

A great cast, wonderful direction, and superb writing all make this seen before on the big screen romantic comedy a bit different than most of the others.  Adding a fun soundtrack and naked shots of the leading characters is sure to have the water cooler at work buzzing about the film and recommending it to friends especially if you can’t find a seat at the “gay Harry Potter” movie.  A quote from the film not me since I as well as the rest of the world am a fan of the last chapter of Potter.  Although you don’t get to see Radcliffe or Watson’s naked buttocks in Harry Potter like you do Timberlake and Kunis in their sexually driven movie.  Harry may have magic in the Potter films but Timberlake and Kunis surely create magic amongst themselves in and out of bed making this a must see romantic comedy for both women and men.  Written with two and half paws by Jon Patch.

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