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Movie Review written by Jon Patch with 3 out of 4 Paws

Fall Guy

Universal Pictures, 87North and Entertainment 360 present a PG-13, 126-minute, Action, Comedy, Drama directed by David Leitch, written by Drew Pearce and Glen A. Larson with a theater release of May 3, 2024.

Colt Seavers (Ryan Gosling) is one of the best and well-known stunt men in Hollywood. He gets blown up, crushed, thrown, crashed into and just about everything you see in an action film that the leading man will not or is able to do. Colt of course is not only in demand but he’s good looking and has a beautiful girlfriend in the industry Jody Moreno (Emily Blunt) who aspires to one day become a director. But on one particular shoot, lots of movie talk in this film as well, Colt experiences an accident and ends up breaking his back. Next career goal, valeting cars in Hollywood! The industry can definitely be hard sometimes, especially when you not only lose your career but the girl you love as well.

Years later, a call comes out from producer Gail Meyer (Hannah Waddingham) to Colt that Jody asked for Colt to fill in as Tom Ryder’s (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) stuntman. A chance to see Jody and get back on the job Colt heads to Sydney, Australia to work on the set. Little did he know though that things did not appear as they seem and Tom the star of the film is missing. Gail needs a favor from Colt since she brought him back to the stunt world, she wants him to find Tom, who has gone mysteriously missing. What Colt uncovers opens him, Jody, the film and members of the stunt community in danger. Meanwhile even though Jody hated Colt for leaving her many years ago, she is directing the film Metal Storm and Colt is working on it. They start to discover that maybe just maybe their love for each other is still there. But as time continues and Colt gets more involved in a major conspiracy, he finds himself in deep trouble and real danger.

I did enjoy the film especially the stunts and seeing how some of them are actually performed but I thought overall the first half is a bit messy with way too much going on. But the writers tend to pull in some of the craziness in the second hour which helps tremendously. Hats off to the director for keeping all the happenings in somewhat of an order. There is a lot going on with stories within stories and mysteries that need to be solved but with all the stunt action and a great score the film is very entertaining and all the lose wires so to speak get tied together in the end.

Gosling is always a great actor who knows how to portray his character but have fun with it as well. Blunt is the same way and boy she has come a long way in Hollywood worthy of playing major roles of many genres which she has proven so far, she can do anything and looks good doing them. Waddingham was a fun character that plays a bit of a loud mouth executive and Taylor-Johnson has a superb role as a bit of a funny yet idiotic narcissistic actor. Yet one of the best was the crotch grabbing dog that plays side-kick to Gosling’s character in the middle to the end of the story. The supporting characters all do well as do the extras in a very cluttered environment most of the time. Look for a pretty cool cameo in the story and also stay during the credits for more fun. Albeit in the end, the film is worth seeing but definitely not as good as I wanted it to be.

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