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Movie Review written by Jon Patch with 2.5 out of 4 Paws

The Idea of You

Amazon Studios, Somewhere Pictures, I’ll Have Another and Welle Entertainment presents an R rated, 115-minute, Romance, Drama, directed by Michael Showalter, written by Showalter, Robinne Lee and Jennifer Westfeldt with a theater release of May 2, 2024.

Solene (Anne Hathaway) is divorced from Daniel (Reid Scott) who was cheating on her with Eva (Perry Mattfeld). Solene lives in Los Angeles with her sixteen-year-old daughter Izzy (Ella Rubin) who is best friends with Zeke (Jordan Aaron Hall) and Claire (Meg Millidge). Besides the divorce Izzy was a normal high school student and Solene worked at a local art gallery. Turning 40 soon, Solene decided to spend her time camping by herself especially since Izzy and her friends had VIP tickets to attend Coachella with her dad. But something came up at work and dad canceled the trip and so did Solene but decided to take the kids to the music festival in Daniel’s place.

August Moon, a boy band group was part of the entertainment and the last thing on Solene’s list was to fall for a 24-year-old lead singer Hayes Campbell (Nicholas Galitzine) but she does. She later even joins him on their European concert tour. For the other young men and their girlfriends, Solene stood out amongst them like a dinosaur from the Jurassic period. At least in the immature twenty somethings’ minds. As Solene and Hayes continue their relationship and the press get a hold of the news life for everyone around Hayes and Solene get attacked by ignorant social media groups that can’t mind their own business. Soon thereafter Solene knows she has to make a choice whether to stay for love or leave for the sake of her daughter.

I really enjoyed the story and even though being a man was able to relate with it in so many different ways. It was truly more than a love story; it was a story about two adults and the choices they make in a society that finds other people’s business to be their own. I thought the writers did a nice job in opening up so many cliches about relationships and the director was able to show it through a lense. Now for some of the bad parts, first being I did not believe the young men as a boy band since many of their stage moments were unpolished both in dance and vocals. Second, even though I thought Hathaway and Galitzine do a great job portraying their romance, I wondered if I would have liked two other actors in their roles better. The story encompasses so many other stories like ‘Notting Hill’ or even some moments from ‘The Bodyguard’ along with the boy band One Direction but even so there are some very important and familiar circumstances in this movie. The supporting characters all do justice even the other boys in the group when their not on stage singing that is. Overall, a decent story but it may not be for everyone. No animals depicted in this film.

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