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The First Omen Featured

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Movie Review written by Jon Patch with 3.5 out of 4 Paws

The First Omen

20th Century Fox, Phantom Four Films, Abbey Road Studios, Cattleya and Kiwii present an R rated, 120-minute, Horror film directed by Arkasha Stevenson, written by Stevenson, Tim Smith and Keith Thomas with a theater release of April 5, 2024.

A young American woman named Margaret (Nell Tiger Free) travels to Rome to meet Cardinal Lawrence (Bill Nighy) in order to join the order of sisters that run an orphanage under the Catholic diocese. When she arrives, she is given a tour of the facility which is full of nuns and young girls. Margaret meets Sister Silva (Sonia Braga), Father Gabriel (Tawfeek Barhom), Sister Anjelica (Ishtar Currie-Wilson), Sister Romano (Dora Romano) along with many children. Yet, Margeret has taken a special liking to a young girl named Carlita (Nicole Sorace) that for some reason most of the time is locked up in a private room.

As time goes on, Margaret begins to notice several oddities around the orphanage and decides to try and find some answers. Not being able to trust anyone what Margaret unfolds about Carlita, the orphans and the members that run the orphanage leads to a race against time to save Carlita and in the long run herself from the true evil that resides within this particular group of priests and nuns.

I thought this prequel, which takes liberties, in the writing department is very well done. I would expect though that the Catholic religion will not shine down with holy praise for the context of this story. Considering the lawsuits against the church for the molestation of children the fact that a group of them in Rome trying to breed evil will not fair well with the church. In the film, there is a quote from Father Brennan (Ralph Ineson), “How do you control people who no longer believe? You create something to fear”. Well spoken and well received in this story and in reality, as well. The score alone in this film will constantly keep you in suspense and fear. There is bad language, nudity and definitely some new additions that will tie into the original Omen so many years ago.

There are many creepy characters in the story but some of the highlights are Nighy, who plays to being a good guy but of course he is not, yet he thinks he is. Tiger Free I would imagine you will hear more about her in the future, she really brings this story of fear and evil to life along with a number of twists and turns. Sorace doesn’t have many lines but all fingers point to her as the point of interest, either way I did like her character. There is some gore but mainly above all it is the story and some bumps in the night that really make this worth seeing. Plus, expect more in the franchise, that is if they survive the rebellion from the Catholic church. Remember, it’s just a movie. Or is it? I don’t recall any animals used in the making of this film but I’m sure the trusty Rottweiler will appear in the sequel.

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