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Trolls Band Together Featured

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Movie Review written by Kayla Cavanaugh

Trolls Band Together

Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Entertainment present a PG, 92-minute, Animation, Adventure, Comedy directed by Walt Dohrn and Tim Heitz, written by Elizabeth Tippet and Thomas Dam with a release date of November 17, 2023.

This movie is well-made and written with the resounding theme of the importance of familial connections. The movie follows main characters Branch and Queen Poppy on a journey that reunites them with their lost siblings. There is a wonderful contrast between Branch and Poppy’s characters and the way they handle their respective meetings with their long-lost siblings. Branch and Poppy are two characters who personalities have differed throughout the Trolls franchise, and in this movie they both encounter situations in which they meet with a long-lost sibling. Poppy never knew she had a sister, and Branch struggles with the emotional hardships of having lost his siblings at a young age. The background of each of their losses shaped both their personalities and the way they handle their reunions in the movie. The movie follows these characters as they journey to reunite Branch’s family and save his long-lost brother. The characters are well-developed and the background is properly explained so that audiences can understand their emotions and actions throughout the movie. 

Along the journey, Poppy and Branch, face many difficulties and try to learn how to come together as one with their siblings to successfully complete their mission. While the movie is geared toward a younger audience, the writers do a lovely job at incorporating humor that works with both adolescent and adult audiences. The movie could certainly be enjoyed by audiences of all ages. 

The soundtrack from the movie was exceptionally executed with catchy songs that throwback to the boy band era. The songs are likely to be standouts from the movie and exciting to *NSYNC fans who are eager to see the reunion of Justin Timberlake and his band mates. The catchy tunes had me dancing along with the characters while in the theatre, and will certainly be enjoyable to audiences.

The movie was extremely entertaining with fantastic special-effects that we have seen throughout the Trolls franchise. The movie encapsulates the importance of family both blood-related & families we make along our journeys through life. 

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