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Movie Review written by Jon Patch with 2.5 out of 4 Paws


Netflix, Black Bear Pictures, Mad Chance, SPG3 Entertainment and Zurich Avenue present a PG-13, 121-minute, Biography, Sport, Drama, directed by Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, written by Julia Cox and Diana Nyad with a theater release date of November 3, 2023.

The story follows the life of an accomplished swimmer Diana Nyad (Annette Bening). If you know of her in history, she swam a number of historical journeys in her life. This time, three decades later and tired of working as a sports journalist Diana decides that she wanted to finish the swim that she once failed from Cuba to Key West, Florida, a 103-mile swim. She knew she could not go it alone without her best friend and new coach, Bonnie Stoll, (Jodie Foster). So, at the age of sixty she began to train her mind and her body for a swim she always wanted to finish but this time her age many say will be a factor.

We find out a bit of Diana’s life but one of the most difficult and horrific encounters was at the age of 14 (Anna Harriette Pittman) when her swim coach Jack Nelson (Eric T. Miller) ended up raping her. Diana confided in her friend Bonnie later in life but she dealt with the nightmares of the horrible act of violence forced on her for her entire life. Diana tried five swims from Cuba to Florida with the help of her crew that accompanied her in a boat and kayaks, attacked by jellyfish and in danger of shark attacks, it was her final swim at sixty-two years old, during the month of September, 2013, with the help of John Bartlett (Rhys Ifans) the master of ocean currents, Bonnie, and several others, Dee Brady (Karly Rothenberg), Jon Rose (Garland Scott), Naomi (Erica Cho), Nico (Ethan Jones Romero), Luke Tipple (Luke Cosgrove), Aris Nyad (Johnny Solo) and a few others that her final dream came true.

The film is very well directed and written but it would have been even better if they took the privilege to tackle her parents, her rape as a student and her circle of friends. It seems the story spent a lot of time in the water but hey that is the focus of the story. She was surrounded by other people but the lack of character development did not help the two-hour film. I liked the cast especially Benning and Foster who both are amazing in their roles but the lack of depth in the writing of the script could have been stronger. It is an inspirational story for sure but you may want to wait until it is streamed than at the theater. They did have two dogs in the story, thankfully they are catching on that their audience for the most part love pets. The shark and jellyfish added some hell to her swim and no I am not getting in the water any time soon for that reason!

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