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Movie Review written by Jon Patch with 3.5 out of 4 Paws

The Flash

Warner Bros., DC Entertainment and DC Comics present a PG-13, 144-minute, Action, Adventure, Fantasy film, directed by Andy Muschietti, written by Christina Hodson and Joby Harold with a theater release of June 16, 2023.

Such a complex story, so where to begin! Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) works at a research facility hence where the accident happen that made him,” The Flash”. Friends with Bruce Wayne otherwise known as “Batman” (Ben Affleck) Barry discovers that at top speeds he can change the past. Batman being older and wiser explains to Barry that going back and changing the past can open up a world of problems. Yet Barry figured why not go back and just save his mother Nora (Maribel Verdu) from death. Barry’s father (Ron Livingston) happens to be in jail for her murder since there is no solid proof, he didn’t kill her. There is a video of a man at the grocery store buying something which could be tomato sauce which is what Nora asked him to get but in the video the man never looks up so it cannot be used in court.

Who wouldn’t want their mother back in life especially after experiencing a horrific death? So, Barry decides to go back in time and place a can of sauce in her shopping cart, this way Henry would never have to go back to the store for it and would stay home. But Batman was right, Barry changed time and opened up the Universe to an attack from General Zod (Michael Shannon) and also a personal attack on The Flash from an unknown entity. But that’s not it, he saved his parents but also brought back another Barry which in turn ends up taking over all the powers of The Flash. So now Barry not only needs to fix the wrongs he made with his double but also search for help from Batman (Michael Keaton) and that of Supergirl (Sasha Calle) to fight General Zod and his henchmen including Faora-UI (Antje Traue) to save mankind. Just remember a superhero’s job is never done so make sure you wait to the end of the credits.

I loved the moments in the film when action and special effects were going on but it seemed a bit dragged out in the middle when Barry meets Barry. It started great but then got a bit too much words and not enough action. I blame some dull moments on the writers since some of the technical words were just unnecessary, well that and many of the holes left in the story. I mean I did not take my eyes off the screen nor did I run to the bathroom and I still can’t explain the complete story line. There is a service dog in the film and thankfully he lives. No spoiler alert there! Again, I loved the special effects, the fact that several heroes from the past reappear in this film and the score that ran throughout but I just wish it did not make me so perplexed on why, when, how and what the heck just happened. I think even if I watched it again, I’d still be a bit lost. Calle and Keaton are somewhat a main focus in the war and I thought they were great but Miller even though the writing was a bit off, he is amazing as the lead right down to his birthday suit. You’ll know what I mean when you see the movie! Overall, I’d go see this movie but if you can answer the mystery of the parents, please let me know! Although in rereading my review I think I answered it myself!

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