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The Blackening Featured

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Movie Review written by Jon Patch with 3 out of 4 Paws

The Blackening

Lionsgate, Catchlight Studios, MRC Film and The Story Company present a 96-minute, Comedy, Horror, Thriller, directed by Tim Story, written by Tracey Oliver and Dewayne Perkins with a theater release date of June 14, 2023.

Seven Friends, Lisa (Antoinette Robertson) the smart one, Nnamdi (Sinqua Walls) the cheater, Shanika (X Mayo) the drinker, Dewayne (Dewayne Perkins) the gay one, Allison (Grace Byers) the cute one, King (Melvin Gregg) the only one married to a white woman and Clifton (Jermaine Fowler) the nerdy surprise, all get together to celebrate their reunion and friendship at a home in the woods. They were suppose to meet up with Shawn (Jay Pharoah) and Morgan (Yvonne Orji) but the two were nowhere to be found.

It seems that if you play a game in the game room there is a good chance you will die. So, after playing the game the group of friends end up spending all their time in and out of the house trying to survive from being killed by a man in a mask.

I really liked the movie for its thrilling aspect and comedy yet for some moments it may have gone over your head if you happen to be white. The direction and writing are really well done but they definitely use the white community as a dart board at times. Some may be insulted but as for me I took it as a funny film that obviously the first to die will be a black person because they are all black. There are a few twists and turns so pay close attention if you want to figure out who is doing the killings mostly with a cross bow.

There are some horror clichés throughout the story but some original ones as well. It is a bit of a fresh look at this type of run for your life thriller since the characters are mainly black with some mixed and one a true descendent from Africa. I did have one person tell me that if the tables were turned and an all-white cast pitched cliché black jokes at the audience there might be some upset African American audience members. Overall, it’s meant to be funny and scary and at times it was though in this day and age you know someone will get offended. Thankfully no animals were used in this story. As for the cast they all did a great job with Robertson, Perkins and Byers standing out most of all. I will say that the whole idea of a modern Hollywood is diversity and that means of all races included in every film.

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