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Movie Review written by Jon Patch with 3 out of 4 Paws

Flamin’ Hot

Searchlight Pictures, Hulu, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and Franklin Entertainment present a PG-13, 99-minute, Biography, History, Drama film, directed by Eva Langoria, written by Lewis Colick and Linda Yvette Chavez with a theater release date of June 9, 2023.

Young Mexican, Richard Montanez (Carlos S. Sanchez) grew up knowing he was different with brown skin, an accent, picked on by his classmates, abused by his father verbally and sometimes physically. Knowing this life, it is the mental torcher that ends up scarring you for life more than the physical. Richard (Jesse Garcia) the adult, grew up doing all the wrong things, crime, drugs, thievery, to name a few but when his wife Judy (Annie Gonzalez) became pregnant Richard knew he needed to change his ways. Yet to his father, Vacho (Emilio Rivera), Richard would never amount to anything.

Richard proved his father wrong, with inspiration from Judy, by getting a job at the Frido Lay factory. It may not have been the most glamorous of jobs by being a janitor but it was a job and it pays. Having two young boys to feed at home it took both Richard and Judy to hold jobs to pay the bills and put food on the table. But Richard was a learner at work and with the help of the machinist Clarence C. Baker (Dennis Haysbert) Richard began to learn some more skills sometimes not to the liking of the manager Lonny Mason (Matt Walsh). Richard worked with some friends like Tony Romero (Bobby Soto) who helped get Richard the interview with Lonny, also making more friends along the way.

But Richards career started to take a turn when he finished watching a video from the owner of the company Roger Enrico (Tony Shalhoub). With the chances of their factory closing down due to low sales Richard knew there was a target audience not being catered to and that was the Latin community and with the help of Judy and the two boys at home they came up with a spicy formula which in turn created Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and more.

I have to say I found this story very inspirational in so many ways. It does point the finger that Mexican people are looked down by many and sadly it is true but they are hard workers that want to achieve the dream just as Roger Enrico did with his Italian heritage. I wish the higher ups at companies would see this film and learn from it. Never turn away an idea from anyone whether a janitor or director of marketing because that one idea may just be the one to turn a company around for the best. The film reflects several other movies like “Air”, “Working Girl” and a few others but it is still the type of movie that highlights that all people, no matter their heritage, deserve a chance and to be treated with respect.

Great job for Langoria as the director who kept it from becoming too preachy. Even though it is a huge endorsement for Frido Lay products, I heard they would not confirm any truth to the story. Go Figure! It’s a great cast that all have contributed to a wonderful story but it was Garcia, Gonzalez, Haysbert and Shalhoub that made this film enjoyable, inspiration and worth watching. No animals were depicted in this film.

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