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Movie Review written by Jon Patch with 3 out of 4 Paws


Universal Pictures, Apatow Productions and Stoller Global Solutions present an R rated, 115-minute, Romance, Comedy, directed by Nicholas Stoller, written by Stoller and Billy Eichner with a theater release of September 30, 2022.

The story follows the life of Bobby (Billy Eichner), a successful businessman who happens to be the head of committee to open the LGBTQ+ museum in New York City. He along with Henry (Guy Branum), Wanda (Miss Lawrence), Angela (TS Madison), Cherry (Dot-Marie Jones), Robert (Jim Rash) and Tamara (Eve Lindley) are all trying to come together with a final approach to opening the museum. Besides trying to get backers like Debra Messing (Debra Messing) and Peter (Peter King) the group is having their differences of opinions.

As for Bobby, he is dealing with more personal issues. He’s not getting any younger and Grindr as well as the gay bars are not helping him to achieve his main goal, a boyfriend, a committed boyfriend. Not just someone who says yes, we are boyfriends and has no idea what it means to be loyal. Well along comes Aaron (Luke Macfarlane), handsome, built and single but like everyone else Aaron comes with baggage. Unlike Bobby that likes love themes and Broadway music, Aaron prefers country music, Bobby obviously is open to his friends and family and extremely proud of it whereas Aaron a bit more insecure and conservative. Yet like any Rom-Com out there on the big screen both main characters are truly out for one thing, a relationship. They hope!

I loved the film which is very well directed and written incorporating many life occurrences surrounding an older man in the gay world. The story points out the differences for older gay men that experienced Stone Wall or at least were born within the times it occurred unlike the younger generation who happen to have the gay flag rolled out for them in this millennium age. Overall, though I felt the soundtrack is fun and the story was pretty darn real and the main characters did a great job in their roles. The supporting actors help move the story but I felt one or two could have been better cast. I think some straight people may have an issue with some scenes specifically that of a five-sum that takes place while Bobby and Aaron are dating. Gay or straight all dating couples have their adventures, some good, some bad but either way we are all human and no matter what orientation we are, love is love. Oddly enough which is strange I don’t recall any animals in the film and the gay society do love their pets!

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