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Movie Review written by Jon Patch with 2.5 out of 4 paws

All My Life

Universal Pictures, Broken Road Productions and Perfect World Pictures present a PG-13, 93-minute, Romance, Drama, directed by Marc Meyers and written by Todd Rosenberg with a theater release date of December 4, 2020.


When Jennifer Carter (Jessica Rothe) is out at a local sports bar with two of her friends she meets Solomon ‘Sol’ Chau (Harry Shum Jr.) and a spark ignites between the two. As their friendship turns into romance and their friends all become one group the couple soon move in with each other and later become engaged. It was fantastic actually the way in which Sol preposed so I won’t ruin it but I think you’ll enjoy it. He helped to change her life for the better and she really showed him the path he always wanted to take with his career but was too afraid to do so.

Right before they were going to get married Sol collapses and the wedding is suddenly on hold. But not for any reason due to the fault of Jen or Sol but that of life. You see, Sol got diagnosed with liver cancer and although at first the outcome looks good life has a way of turning good into bad sometimes. A hound dog and a broken heart later Sol is faced with a death sentence but with the help of friends, family and strangers the wedding the couple always dreamed of is still a possibility filled with love and lasting memories for a lifetime ahead.

I really enjoyed this true story and was able to relate to it in many ways. Yes, the story has been done many times but Meyers tends to give it a bit of realism albeit fast paced you begin to feel the pain that Sol experiences physically and the pain that Jen endears emotionally. Love is hard to find and when you are able to find one so real you try to nurture it and grow it for a life time but for Jan and Sol this relationship is cut too short.

Rothe and Shum Jr. really complement each other very well. Yes, this is an absolute chick flick but it is very well done leaving you to laugh, smile and cry all in one. As for the supporting cast they are not overly involved but do add that touch of truth to the story to make it real on the big screen.

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