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Movie Review written by Jon Patch with 2.5 out of 4 paws

Like a Boss

Paramount Pictures and Artists First present an R rated, 83 minute, Comedy, directed by Miguel Arteta, screenplay by Sam Pitman and Adam Cole-Kelly with a theater release date of January 10, 2020.


Two women, Mel Carter (Rose Byrne) and Mia Paige (Tiffany Haddish) were best friends since middle school and now as adults are roommates and co-owners of a cosmetic company appropriately called Mia & Mel. Mel is the more grounded and efficient partner whereas Mel the more creative and off the cuff type. Working for them is Barrett, a gay black dramatic distributor of their ‘One Night Stand’ product which has been a huge success online and also a divorced employee and friend (Jennifer Coolidge).

Mel and Mia’s friends wonder why the girls haven’t married but according to them they spent their times on creating a successful business. Unfortunately the business is $493,000 in debt. So when Josh (Karan Soni) assistant to Claire Luna (Salma Hayek) owner of Oviedo shows up at Mel and Mia’s with a purchasing proposal the girls eventually agreed to consider. It seems Claire has more on her agenda than to invest in their company but rather work to break up Mel and Mia’s friendship eventually taking over their entire company. Success can change you and it definitely did so to Claire and her partner and now it is raining down on Mel and Mia. But at the Beauty and Bubbles event the women showed their true colors in a proud way while promoting their new Ride or Die product out-shining Claire and her deal with Mel and Mia.

I liked the film but I guess I expected a bit more “Girl Trip” and a little less “Friends”. The director does a nice enough job but I believe he and the writers missed out on two individual talents that should have played bigger parts in the story, Porter and Coolidge, both very funny people who could have brought much more to the film if only they were written in with more scenes. Heck every time Coolidge came on to the screen the audience roared in laughter. Grant it Bryne and Haddish bring their own fun to their roles but I felt overall the chemistry was not perfect. Hayek however did a superb job playing the villain but like most of the scenes I felt like they could have been more dramatic. A nice soundtrack with some great costumes and bad language especially in the opening scenes I think this film will do well based on the promotional trailers. Thankfully as far as I know no animals were harmed, depicted in a horrendous manner or killed in this bad language, drug smoking, lessons to be learned film not for young audiences film.

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