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Movie review written by Jon Patch with 1 out of 4 paws

Lucy in the Sky

Fox Searchlight Pictures, TSG Entertainment and 26 Keys Production present an R rated, 124 minute, Sci-Fi, Drama, directed by Noah Hawley, story by Noah C. Brown and Elliott DiGuiseppi with a theater release date of September 20, 2019.


Well I do remember this story in the news meaning of course it’s based on true events. But quite honestly these true events would have played better as a Netflix movie than one for the big screen.

Lucy Cola (Natalie Portman) works at NASA and has returned from a recent space mission. Once she casts her eyes on the vastness of the solar system she truly realizes how small we are here on earth. I guess more people need to make a trip above the clouds and maybe then they would understand life a bit better. I’m not too sure that Lucy did and her daughter Blue (Pearl Amanda Dickson) surely did not understand the changes in her mother’s behavior let alone Lucy’s husband Drew (Dan Stevens) who also worked at NASA.

What Lucy wanted most was to be included on the next mission Orion but during her training she was also living life in a faster lane which included Mark Goodwin (Jon Hamm) another astronaut set to return to space soon. Life with Drew became pressured for Lucy and when her Grandmother (Ellen Burstyn) ends up in the hospital she really loses control. Yet more events at NASA and the fact that her affair with Mark was weaning due to Erin Eccles (Zazie Beetz) another female astronaut up for the possibility to fly on the Orion, Lucy goes off the deep end.

Like I said earlier, this film in my opinion is not made for the big screen and would have played better on television which I’m sure will happen sooner than later. It has its moments like some of the space footage, the shuttle lift offs and watching Lucy lose her mind but overall not enough to stop me from saying the film is too long and somewhat confusing and pointless.

Thankfully the acting stands out since the direction and writing does not. Portman is not my favorite actress in film but she does keep the story alive preventing me from having a true snooze fest, although her country accent seems to come and go at times. Hamm also plays the womanizer quite well and Beetz is good to look at and enjoyable but left with very short scenes. Dickson is a breath of fresh air and it is great to see Burstyn strut her stuff but as for Stevens great blue eyes but kind of a loser in the story. Some very good supporting characters are in this story to move things along but maybe a half hour shorter in length and this film would possibly play better. Not a horrible film but save yourself a trip to the movies and wait for it to show up on HBO or somewhere. Remember it’s a huge world out there so who knows where this film will end up!

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