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Movie review written by Jillyn Sidlo


Annapurna Pictures and Gloria Sanchez Productions present an R rated, 102 minute, Comedy, directed by Olivia Wilde, written by Susanna Fogel and Emily Halpern with a theater release date of May 24, 2019.


This will be one of the hottest films of the summer when it comes to the edge high school year end flicks.

Directed by Olivia Wilde,  Booksmart is a movie about two best friends Amy and Molly who've spent their whole lives as over achievers to be sure to get into the best colleges only to find out that many of their peers who party all the time are actually on the same level to a future education as well. In disbelief they pledge to spend their last night before graduation making up for all the lost time. 

True to form in a situation like this...jamming it all into one night is full of insane circumstances and outrageous outcomes. Every actor in this wild summer flick embodies their individual rolls in their story line where everyone seems to each have a staring roll portraying their characters.

Amy played by Katlyn Dever is a hard bawler who can handle any situation thrown her way except chilling our about her own sexuality. Even though she's out and proud, she's very disillusioned about her first time and who's "the one". Molly her best friend played by Beanie  Feldstein is an A listed Ms. no it all and class president. She leads Amy around every situation as a best friend but also like a puppet which brings out the worst in them at the worst possible time for embarrassment.

I really like all the actors and characters in this film but Jered and GiGi played by Skyler Gisondo and Billy Lourd are so hilarious in every scene together or apart that you just can’t wait to see what insane thing they do next.

Like I said this is a must see teenage summer bash of nonstop laughter. It's a weird coming of age, sexual orientation, unisex bathrooms, outrageous principle antics, motivated nontraditional teaching techniques, blind leading the blind parents that makes for a fantastic journey of two girls realizing that catch up doesn't make you perfect because in our own ways we're all going through the same tragic situations of life.

I give it Four Stars. The scenes are tastefully portrayed and funny and even sometimes sad and very awkward....but very true to life at that age. .

No animals were harmed in this film just some car wreckage and substance abuse...oh yes... the teen life!

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