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Movie review written by Molly Nall


STX Entertainment, Sierra/Affinity, Mad As Birds, Rose Pictures and Entertainment One present a PG-13, 91 minute, Comedy, directed by Zara Hayes, story by Hayes and Shane Atkinson with a theatre release date of May 10. 2019.

Having decided not to continue her cancer treatment, Martha (Diane Keaton) decides she needs a change of scenery. She packs up and heads to Sun Springs Active Retirement Community in Georgia. The happy, overly friendly, and highly social seniors quickly overwhelm her.  All members are required to be part of a club in the community, but Martha can’t relate to the snobby Southern Belles or boring Bingo clubs that are popular. 

Motivated by her energetic new friend and neighbor, Sheryl (Jackie Weaver) and Martha’s unfulfilled dreams of her youth, she surprises the community by starting a cheerleading club for her fellow seniors.  She is joined by a hodge-podge of other women with amateur interests in Tango, country line dancing, yoga, aerobics, and baton.  A cheerleading squad seems like a far reach!  

After overcoming all the obstacles of multiple medical conditions, financial limitations, community disapproval, and viral video fails the ladies find success in their club. With the help of a local cheerleader Chloe (Alisha Boe), the senior (citizen) cheer squad enters a large cheerleading competition and find diversion, togetherness, and joy in the process. 

It is a sweet story of positivity and affirmation with a cast of strong women. The audience loved the women’s sass and laughed heartily at the jokes and gags. I felt that the writing glossed over most of the conflict in the movie though. The group of legendary actresses, including Rhea Pearlman as widow Alice and Pam Grier as Olive, was far from challenged by the material. 

However, the message of enjoying life and being with friends in the face of illness and loss is uplifting and heartwarming.  This is a great Girl’s Night Out Movie for older women. In fact the front row of the theater was a group of senior women carrying pom-poms. Who knows, it may inspire a new trend of senior cheerleading squads at Bingo Nights around the country!

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