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They Shall Not Grow Old Featured

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Movie review written by Jon Patch with 2.5 out of 4 paws

They Shall Not Grow Old

Warner Bros. Pictures, House Productions, Trustees of the Imperial War Museum, London and WingNut Films present an R rated, 99 minute, Documentary, History, War film directed by Peter Jackson with a theatre release date of February 1, 2019.


In a war from 1915 to 1918 between England and Germany we watch as young men barely old enough to understand the meaning of war sign up to fight for their country. With live actual footage in 3D accompanied by narration, interviews and nothing held back the audience gets to experience the ravages of war. Entering France with one uniform, for some boots to small, these brave young men always smiling and there to make a difference for their country have little food, watch their friends die from wounds, trench foot, bombs, flames, knives and mud. No sanitary conditions, no toilets, rotten food, lice and the smell of death everywhere and rats eating on the flesh of the dead soldiers and horses. These men would hug on to goats or dogs for that sense of unconditional love and comfort, a feeling of innocence. Nearly one million British and English servicemen lost their lives within the three years of this war. We all must learn that everything should be done to avoid war.

I was proud to watch this film to honor and remember the men that believed in what they were doing, so many losing their lives due to a war that our grandfathers fought for a better world. I believe the young generation should have their day as a field trip from school to go experience this film. Most in this day and age don’t understand what it is like to give your life to war. Wars that are unnecessary and horrific to mankind. The average movie goer will most likely not see this film since it really plays as a documentary and not a made for the big screen action movie. It is honest, real, raw and breath-taking showing this generation of what war was like then yet with modern technology war would be much worse and more deadly today. Jackson took old footage and made it a bit more modern depicting the lives of these young men and even though with death all around them they still had time to smile for the camera. This film will not be for everyone but it should be viewed at least to honor the men that fought for freedom.

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