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Bohemian Rhapsody Featured

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Bohemian Rhapsody

Twentieth Century Fox, GK Films, New Regency Pictures and Queen Films Ltd present a PG-13, 134 minute, Biography, Music, Drama, directed by Bryan Singer, screenplay and story by Anthony McCarten with a theatre release date of November 2, 2018.


In the year 1970 Freddie is living a bland life at home with his family, mother Jer Bulsara (Meneka Das), father Bomi (Ace Bhatti) and his sister. He’s been following a college band around town and the one night he decides to chat with the band outside, their lead singer quit for greener pastures. Freddie also that night met the love of his life Mary Austin (Lucy Boynton).

One year later, much to his families dismay Freddie legally changed his name to Freddie Mercury and his father thinks his boy pretends to be something he’s not. I think many fathers think alike when it comes to the boy in the family especially in the seventies. On Freddie’s birthday the phone rings and it happens to be John Reid (Aidan Gillen) who happens to be Elton John’s manager and now wants to represent Queen the bands new name. Around this time Freddie asks the love of his life to marry him buck teeth and all. Before Freddie and the band Brian May (Gwilym Lee), John Deacon (Joseph Mazello) and Roger Taylor (Ben Hardy) knew, Queen was booked on an American tour. Yet around this time Freddie began to pull away from Mary with eyes for another and another.

In a meeting with John Reid and Ray Foster (Mike Myers) from EMI and Queen’s lawyer Jim Beach (Tom Hollander) Queen presented a new idea to EMI, opera! Not the best feeling for Ray so off to Rockfield Farm the band goes to come up with a new sound and a new album. It was 1975 the birth of Bohemian Rhapsody a six minute song which was mostly unheard of then, most songs are three minutes. Well this operatic song at six minutes was not so much a hit back then by the industry and critics but boy what another sixteen years would do!

In Edinburgh the year 1976 Queen is on a world tour, Paul Prenter (Allen Leech) is constantly by Freddie’s side but almost a little too much, his relationship with Mary has got worst but Freddie’s many cats are unconditionally by his side the whole time. I guess we have something in common I’m a cat daddy as well, just not as many as he had over time. Freddie confesses to Mary that he thinks he’s bi-sexual which Mary pretty well was aware of.

In London, 1980, Mary lives next door to Freddie’s huge home but just being by his side when he wants her makes her unhappy. So what does Freddie do he throws a huge party but his band mates are not impressed not even with his new haircut. Freddie takes a liking to one of the waiters Jim Hutton (Aaron McCusker) but as much as the two wish to be together Freddie needs to like himself first before anyone else. Those words spoke volumes to Freddie.

Madison Square Garden and we will rock you, this moment in the film makes you feel like you’re there rocking to the beat. Yet life for Freddie gets a bit darker with an offer to go solo with CBS recorders to Mary having a boyfriend. Another one bites the dust but this time it’s his manager John Reid. It’s 1982 in London and the media is all over Freddie and his sexuality. He searches for Jim Hutton, films a drag video of the song Breed Free which flops and Freddie tells the band he is going solo. Munich 1984, Freddie discovers his true friends, he begins to get sick and finds out Mary is pregnant. Yet when Freddie hears of the Live Aid concert he tries to reconnect with the band with equal pay four ways meaning Queen is a group of four not just one. Before the band plays at Live Aid bringing down the house of thousands that attend and millions on television Freddie gets his news of Aids he finds Jim, tells his family and the band his news and in 1985 at the Live Aid concert Queen totally states to the world that we are the champions.

I absolutely loved this film and the story behind Queen. I knew some things about Freddie Mercury but obviously after seeing this film not as much as I thought. Great direction, great script and phenomenal music and a story that in the end will bring tears to your eyes this film is a must see. I would imagine in Dolby it would be off the wall. I finally learned the true meaning to the lyrics of his songs and the heart and soul Freddie put into them with his superb voice. Every single actor was fabulous with Malek taking this story by the balls, so to speak! Boynton, Mazello, Hardy and Lee are all perfection as are all the other actors. Between the acting, music, wardrobes and a number of cats this film definitely rocks and hits so very close to my heart personally.

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