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Review written by Jon Patch with 3 out of 4 paws

A Simple Favor

Lionsgate, Bron Studios and Feigco Entertainment present an R rated, 117 minute, Crime, Drama, Comedy, directed by Paul Feig, screenplay by Jessica Sharzer and based upon the novel by Darcy Bell with a theatre release date of September 14, 2018.


The story opens up to Stephanie Smothers (Anna Kendrick) on her video blog saying hello to mom, who happens to no longer be with us, ready to share a recipe for zucchini and chocolate chip cookies to her audience. A mother of one, Miles (Joshua Satine), Stephanie is the perfect single mother always wanting to be involved in her son’s life in and out of school. She announces on her blog that her good friend Emily Nelson (Blake Lively) has been missing for five days now and she is concerned not only for her but Emily’s husband Sean Townsend (Henry Golding) and their son Nicky (Ian Ho).

Stepping back in time five days to when Stephanie first met Emily while picking up their son’s at Warfield Elementary School in Connecticut, Stephanie thought Emily was total class and beautiful. After a brief conversation both women were soon back at Emily’s gorgeous home sharing martini’s while the boys had a play date. This is when Stephanie first meets Sean the loving husband. Day by day the two women met up, shared stories, drinks and sometimes secrets. That is until Emily all of a sudden goes missing, with no communication, leaving Stephanie to take care of Nicky until Sean got back in town. Still on her blog sharing recipes and more, Stephanie chats also about Emily and the latest details to her audience, which is growing now, thanks to the latest news about Emily.

Stephanie all of a sudden decides to become Nancy Drew and is on a hunt for answers of just where Emily has gone. She visits her job at Dennis Nylon Inc. where she not only discovers that Emily was Director of Public Relations but also a few other secrets as well. Meanwhile the other soccer mom’s at school, Kerry (Glenda Braganza), Stacy (Kelly McCormack) and Darren (Andrew Rannells) have no problem keeping up with the gossip and the triangle between Stephanie, Emily and Sean. When Emily finally shows up dead this original thriller becomes filled with twists and turns, betrayals, secrets, love, loyalty, murder and revenge. One can only hope that in time everyone can have faith that all will turn out for the best. Thanks to a blog fan of Stephanie’s in the end all comes to a rapid close.

I really enjoyed this story which is filled with some pretty darn good twists of which I do not wish to reveal or even hint about. Very well directed and written with a few awkward moments this is a film that hopefully will do well. It is a thinker film as I like to say. You really have to pay attention in order to follow it and crack the code. A great score and some superb acting by the two women Lively and Kendrick they both keep you guessing whether they are telling lies or truth. Golding also does well with his character as do Ho and Satine. As for Braganza, Rannells and McCormack they add a bit of levity to some of the scenes. Overall an intriguing film filled with a great cast, leads and supporting actors, that help this film achieve a nod of go see it in the theatre from me.

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