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Review written by Jon Patch with 2.5 out of 4 paws

Isle of Dogs

Fox Searchlight, Indian Paintbrush, American Empirical Pictures and Studio Babelsberg present a PG-13, 101 minute, Animation, Adventure, Comedy, directed by Wes Anderson, story by Anderson and Roman Coppola with a theatre release date of March 28, 2018.


According to ancient Japanese history dogs roamed free until the war with cats and afterwards they became man’s best friend. Twenty years in the future Mayor Kobayashi (voice of Kunichi Nomura) has demanded that all dogs be sent to Trash Island because of the fast spreading dog flu and other illnesses among the canine population. The first dog to be sent was Spots (voice of Liev Schreiber) who happened to be the companion of Mayor Kobayashi‘s nephew Atari (voice of Koyu Rankin).

Six months later on Trash Island the alpha dogs Rex (voice of Edward Norton), King (voice of Bob Balaban), Boss (voice of Bill Murray and Duke (voice of Jeff Goldblum) all led by Chief (voice of Bryan Cranston)are scavenging and fighting other dogs on the island for food. One day they notice a distressed plane flying over the island then suddenly it crashes and a little pilot known as Atari rolls out with some injuries. Atari has stolen a plane to find his dog Spots on the island and bring him home but no one seems to know his whereabouts.

Back at Megasaki City a young exchange student from Ohio, Tracy Walker (voice of Greta Gerwig) is pro dog and trying with a group of others to inform the public that the Mayor is behind the dog flu and of course the reason for the expulsion of Spots and all dogs.

Part 2 the search for Spots, Atari and the alpha dogs are on a journey to find Spots with some help and guidance from Jupiter (voice of F. Murray Abraham) and Oracle (voice of Tilda Swinton). Along the way one dog gets a bath which totally changes its perception as a biting dog and Walker discovers as she tries to uncover the truth that she has a crush on Atari.

Part 3 the rendezvous, truth is found at an animal experimentation facility, someone is wasabi poisoned to hide the facts and Walker is on a rampage. In Part 4 during Atari’s Lantern everything comes to a climax thanks to one genius hacker, help from an unexpected source, a lasting relationship and a generous donor all leading to answers to all your questions throughout this adventure.

I must say I liked the film since it evolved around the animal world and had a very good conspiracy based story. The animation is exceptional as is the direction, score and overall feel of the story but if I must say the feel of the movie is just steady not really filled with peaks and valleys but more so just a bit flat. It kept my attention more than I really thought it would but towards the end I kept thinking they need to wrap it up. If they made it 90 minutes it would have maybe performed for me a bit better since even 11 minutes more made it seem too long. The voices all work, they are clear with great inflection but after a while it all became a bit repetitive for me. They add flashbacks to explain more of the character development which works because they are quick with a bit of dark humor but overall I will be curious myself to see how this film does at the box office. I don’t know if kids will like it, if adults will get a bit bored but I believe the dog lovers may find it worthy of a ticket at the theatre.

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