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Professor Marston and the Wonder Women Featured

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Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

Annapurna Pictures, Opposite Field Pictures, Boxspring Entertainment, Stage 6 Films and Topple Productions present an R rated, 108 minute, Drama, directed and written by Angela Robinson with a theater release date of October 13, 2017.


New York City, 1945, Professor William Moulton Marston (Luke Evans) is being interviewed or more like interrogated by Josette Frank (Connie Britton) with the Child Study Association of America because of the improper depictions of a comic book hero known as Wonder Woman. As he tells his story we are flashed back to Radcliffe College during the year 1928 and the relationship between him and his wife Elizabeth (Rebecca Hall). Elizabeth was a very strong somewhat independent woman and a bit of a bitch feminist and William suddenly has eyes for a student known as Olive Byrne (Bella Heathcote) the complete opposite personality of his wife. Olive was sweet, innocent and cursed with beauty whose mother and aunt were two of the most radical feminists in the world but ironically Olive was raised by nuns.

William was the inventor of the lie detector test with the help of his wife of course but it was Olive who proved that the body gives you away all the time when caught in a lie. Even though she was engaged to Brant Gregory (Chris Conroy) Olive had eyes for another, well actually two others, William and Elizabeth. After some debate amongst the three they consummated their threesome and choose to keep it quiet but like all secrets sooner or later they surface and when it did it changed the lives of all three forever.

William and Elizabeth had life changing experiences as Olive lived with them and when they moved to Rye, New York in 1934 their family grew larger. While William on a walk throughout Greenwich Village in New York City stumbled upon a certain kind of store the minds and pleasures of all three were changed forever more. William attributed his findings to his DISC theory but to others it may have seemed more like bondage and porn. Yet during this time and the use of some costume props Olive turned into the physical likeness of a strong, superior woman which launched William’s idea with the help of M.C. Gaines (Oliver Platt) to create a new comic hero like Superman but only a woman and this created the comic book, Wonder Woman. William did not hold back on his theories about women, violence, torture and sadomasochism instead he made it every part of his comic book which of course came under fire by the Catholics and ring wing conservatives.

It wasn’t until a neighbor walked in on some role playing by the threesome did judgement rear its ugly head questioning what was normal in their lives. When William got sick Elizabeth learned the meaning of forgiveness and saying she was sorry and asked for a future of love for all of her days. Wonder Woman stands for truth and when William was stricken with cancer in 1947 both women lived their lives together until death do they part. Wonder Woman remains to this day the most famous female hero in the world.

This is an amazing written film that is based on a true story. Beautifully directed as well as written I am not sure if this story will find its true audience but based on how well Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot did in the theaters recently it may draw some attention. Music, costumes, writing, directing are all done well but it is the content that may not interest a younger movie going crowd. There is a lot of promiscuity throughout the story when sex develops among all three of the main characters so there goes the right winged conservative groups that will surely have something negative to say about this content to this day. You would think the world would change and become more accepting of all but sadly there are still those hate groups that exist and care more about other people’s personal lives than their own. Either way it is a story worth seeing especially if you’re fans of how Wonder Woman came to be. Evans, Hall and Heathcote control this story from beginning to end and all three perform their character rolls with perfection. It was interesting how Marston created such a strong female super-hero known as Wonder Woman from the women that surrounded his daily life.

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