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Review written by Jon Patch with 2.5 out of 4 paws

Free Fire

A24, Film4, Protagonist Pictures and Rook Films present an R rated, 90 minute, Action, Crime, Thriller, directed by Ben Wheatley, written by Wheatley and Amy Jump with a theater release date of April 27, 2017.


Set in 1978, four Irish men, Frank (Michael Smiley) the man in charge, Chris (Cillian Murphy) the intelligent one, Stevo (Sam Riley) idiot number one and Bernie (Enzo Cilenti) idiot number two meet up at an old warehouse in Boston to solidify a weapons buy from Ord (Armie Hammer)the handsome one, Vernon (Sharlto Copley) the boss with the loud mouth, Martin (Babou Ceesay) the brains, Gordon (Noah Taylor) driver number one and Harry (Jack Reynor) driver number two along with the only female present, Justine (Brie Larson) the one with the looks. Chris intended to pay for M 16’s but Vernon showed up with AR 70’s yet after a weapons test Chris was good and eventually so was Vernon, that is until Harry recognizes one of Chris’s guys from a previous encounter and soon all hell breaks out.

Guns flair, words are exchanged and bodies begin to bleed all over two idiots, one from the weapons side and the other from the money side. For the next hour all these men have one goal in mind kill everyone else and leave with the cash. Not so easy since it seems most of them could not hit the side of a barn from 20 feet away and mostly the only time they hit someone was by luck. Soon two other men Howie (Patrick Bergin) and Jimmy (Mark Monero) appear and become the third party joining in on the gun fight. More blood, more words, more drugs, heck if they could I’m sure there might even be sex involved if they were able to coerce Justine but there was no time for that at least not then but hopefully after dinner. So now we have a feud going on in one room between three parties but not before long enter Leary (Tom Davis) mystery man and party man number four to join in on the festivities. In the end we all get to see exactly who ends up hobbling away with the cash and when you think you know who then you may just want to think again.

The film is not horrible by no means although at times I kept hoping for a bit more substance outside that warehouse although some of the battles are pretty gruesome yet awesome and a bit inventive on behalf of the director and writers to this gangster type shootout. It is a bit hard to believe that all of them were so stupid to continue the fight but I guess it came down to greed and power of the last person or persons standing. There are some very funny actions and one liners but they seem at times to get lost within all the shooting which is pretty much the entire film thankfully only lasting ninety minutes. I don’t say that harshly but any longer and I might have shot them myself through the screen. Albeit the acting by the cast especially Murphy, Riley, Larson, Reynor and Hammer is exceptional the film is intriguing at least with such a small cast held within the confines of one room basically. The film is worth the ninety minutes of your time but unsure of the ticket price let alone popcorn and a drink. Thankfully though, no animals were harmed in the making of this film other than the characters themselves.  

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