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20th Century Fox, TSG Entertainment, Donners’ Company, Kinberg Genre and Marvel Entertainment present an R rated, 135 minute, Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, directed by James Mangold, written by Michael Green and Scott Frank with a theater release date of March 3, 2017.


Logan (Hugh Jackman) is pretty much down on life and living in Texas as a limo driver, getting paid to drive any group for any occasion around town to pay his way through this dreadful existence. He is also helping to take care of Charles Xavier/Professor X (Patrick Stewart) with the help of Caliban (Stephen Merchant) while they live in a secluded facility alongside the Mexican border. Caliban is sensitive to light and if exposed it could kill him while Charles is laid up in a fallen water tower and kept on medication to prevent him from having seizures because if he does the world around him falls apart. Logan has promised Charles the opportunity to live on a boat out in the waters away from everyone but he has no current means to raise the money needed that is until a woman enters his life asking for his help to take she and a young girl named Laura (Dafne Keen) to North Dakota. It seems this woman was a nurse at a secret facility where she met Laura and helped her escape and the only way for the girl to survive from a group of killers tracking them down is to reach Eden.

Once Logan finds out this woman offers $50,000 for the transportation he decides to take them there but when he returns the woman is dead and the girl is missing. It seems this secret facility was raising new mutants but this time under the direct control of Dr. Zander Rice (Richard E. Grant) but once he discovered he can make a better fighting machine than the children he decided to kill them all. Laura had escaped and hopefully others did as well. Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) is working for Dr. Rice so he and his army of killers are out to find and destroy Laura and any other mutant child survivors as well. When Pierce and his men find the whereabouts of Laura at this time she happens to be with Charles, Caliban and Logan at their private property in Mexico. Logan is unsure what is going on when the men arrive still in disbelief Laura who does not speak a word is a mutant as Charles professes she is yet when all hell breaks out so does Laura exposing all that she is capable of doing when angry.

On a run for their life Caliban is left behind but Logan, Charles and Laura are on a life or death journey across the middle of the country in hopes of finding Eden. Along the way the three experience some laughter, some feelings of family and also the reality of the battle for a better life and a reunion for Laura with friends she once knew not too long ago. There is a highway scene with some loose horses from a trailer that is not only beautiful to watch but also nice to see one good deed does lead to another but sometimes in the end not always for the best. There are several twists and turns in their journey and many unexpected moments along with Dr. Rice exposing his secret but it is the final race from Eden to the border that truly brings out the once weak, tormented and hidden Wolverine leaving him to discover the feeling he always wondered about, a cross to an X. Albeit in the end a new generation shall span the globe all dealing with their own mutant powers that hopefully they will use for the good of mankind.

This film was absolutely phenomenal. I loved the direction and the writing along with the music and score. I was truly not bored at all. It seemed that along this journey that we take with the threesome, Laura, Logan and Charles we get to see so many different sides of all three of them and when you might think the dialogue is too much which I don’t think you will then the battles ensue and the special effects are not held back, lots of violent blood and gore. There is human to human, human to mutant and mutant to mutant battles that will leave you gasping throughout. Some wonderful cinematography throughout the story and great new character development does not keep you blind to anything not guessing as to what or why something happens in the story line.

The cast is full of military type extras and some supporting characters but as for the main characters they are all perfection. Stewart looking a bit rough in the beginning seems to get a little better later on but as for his role it is perfection. Jackman is a tremendous talent able to conquer anything thrown his way which he proves in this film, tender, rough, happy or sad he makes it work. Holbrook and Merchant are great supports to the film but the true rising star here, the girl of very little words is Keen, and she is truly brilliant and along with Jackman carries this film from start to finish. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of the X story as I believe you will too but remember it is rated R for a reason.

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