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Review written by Jon Patch with 3.5 out of 4 paws

Rock Dog

Lionsgate, Mandoo Pictures, Huayi Tencent Entertainment Company, Eracme Entertainment, Dream Factory Group, Summit Entertainment and Summit Premiere present a PG, 80 minute, Animation, Comedy, Family film, directed and story by Ash Brannon with additional story material by Denise Bradley with a theater release date of February 24, 2017.


In China the dog breed, Mastiff, are raised to protect sheep from wild wolves that roam the mountains. Atop Snow Mountain a young Bodi grows up (voice of Luke Wilson) to follow in his father Khampa (J.K. Simmons) footsteps protecting sheep on a daily basis. One problem with the lack of Mastiffs in town several of the sheep have to dress up like dogs so the wolves run by Linnux (voice of Lewis Black) think the sheep are protected by an army of Mastiffs. In case you have trouble following which you won’t the audience does have help from the narrator Fleetwood Yak (voice of Sam Elliott).

Bodi knows that there is something missing in his life and that something is music. When a radio falls from the sky Bodi is certain he has to confront his father about his true love, music. It took some time but Khampa did give Bodi is blessings to follow his dream but if it doesn’t work out he can return home and never speak of music again. Bodi sets out for the bus stop to make it to the city and seek out his dream maker, Angus Scattergood (voice of Eddie Izzard) the top artist in the charts. His first stop is the city park where he meets several want to be artists three in particular Darma (voice of Mae Whitman) a foxy singer, Germur (voice of Jorge Garcia) the drummer and their guitarist Trey (voice of Matt Dillon). Bodi explains he is going to meet Angus to help launch his career several laughs later from the group and Bodi is on his journey.

First stop the home of Angus and his robot Ozzie, love this little guy, reminds me of Wall-E. It just so happens that Angus may need Bodi more than the other way around. Hence thanks to Angus and Bodi a new song, Glorious, is born and Bodi has found his fire which not only made his life happy but that of all the animals of Snow Mountain including the wolves.

This film is not very long but I loved the story, the meaning behind it which is allowing your children to follow their dreams and if they fall be there to catch them. The sheep are a bit sheepish but funny and Bodi and his father are inspirational. The film is perfect for children but due to some of the humor the parents will enjoy this story as well. A fun soundtrack and some superb animation this film has something for everyone. I’m proud to say my program debuted the very first airing and a live performance of the song “Glorious” song by Nick Townsend on my program. Talkin’ Pets.

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