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John Wick: Chapter 2 Featured

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Review written by Jon Patch with 3.5 paws out of 4

John Wick: Chapter 2

Lionsgate, Summit Entertainment, Thunder Road Pictures and 87Eleven present an R rated, 122 minute, Action, Crime, Thriller, directed by Chad Stahelski, written and based on the character by Derek Kolstad with a theater release date of February 10, 2017.


Still grieving over the death of his wife, John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is in pursuit in a high speed chase throughout the streets of New York City. Meanwhile back in his warehouse Abram (Peter Stormare) is telling one of his men, Consiglieri (Wass Stevens), stories of how John Wick is capable of killing many men at one time and Abram fears he will come for his car, which he hides within his warehouse. In a mass killing battle at the warehouse John does come leaving no one breathing but Abram of which John claims peace with since he looks to retire.

Sometime later at his home John sits with his dog missing his wife and looking forward to getting out of the business of killing once and for all. Well not so fast Santino D’Antonio (Ricardo Scamarcio) shows up and wants to claim his marker that John owes him. If John takes the job of killing his sister Gianna (Claudia Gerini) then Santino will claim one of the twelve seats that were left to her by their father and leaving him to control all of New York. After saying no John ends up paying a price which leads him into doing this job for Santino.

Back in the business John knows there are rules among this elite group of killers. No blood shall be shed on continental ground and all markers must be honored, without rules they consider themselves to be animals. It is interesting since this group of men and women kill like a cheetah ripping out the throat of a gazelle. When John arrives in Rome to kill Gianna he ends up shopping in what could be played out of a James Bond handbook. When Gianna comes face to face with John she decides to do things her way but thereafter in a confrontation with her right hand man Cassian (Common) no longer face to face but rather an eye for an eye last man standing battle ensues. Now on the run John has no problem taking down an army of men by hand, foot or weapon which leads to a seven million dollar contract on his head. In a search for a weapon back in New York City he seeks out the Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne) along with some help to reach Santino who he now wants dead. Some may question if John is addicted to vengeance yet others should know better than to play in glass houses. In the end not even Winston (Ian McShane) who runs the continental grounds can help a man who breaks a rule.

I wait impatiently for Chapter 3 since this Chapter was awesome. Great direction with superb writing and a whole lot of phenomenal action that actually surrounds a plot makes this film a must see. The stunts and the action along with a great accompanying score make this film worthy of 2 hours and considered a must see for bloody action scenes that don’t ever take a rest other than to divulge some important dialogue and development by the vast majority of cast members that surround this story.

Reeves is back and he truly kicks some major ass in this film and does so with some expert moves staying in character from start to finish as a kind man where kindness is due but a ruthless one for those that deserve it. He takes lives but very little names. Reeves truly runs the entire film but each one of the characters he comes in contact with all have their own personalities which adds so much more to this action film. Scamarcio the weasel that wants his sister killed, Gerini, but then turns on Reeves character. McShane is the man in control of it all most of the times. Ares (Ruby Rose) is the girl with no words but out to protect Santino and even though she may look meek she is far from it. Common has a nice role here and does it justice even in his battles against Reeves, kind of a brotherly love survival of the fittest theory. Fishburne does not have a huge role but helps to move this non-stop action thriller along with great speed as does all the other supporting actors, extras and stunt men that make this film a must see on opening weekend that is if you’re into a lot of death and destruction. Thankfully no name lives in the end! Oh and by the way if the ignorant group that was sitting behind me in this screening did not eventually shut up I was going to pull a Wick on them! So rude people a movie is to be watched and dialogue is for the actors!

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