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The Founder

Opens 1/20/2017

Review written by Devon Thompson



The Founder is a biographical movie based on the true story of the McDonalds empire. Michael Keaton stars in this movie as Ray Kroc and the story revolved around his acquisition of McDonald's fast food chain. Ray Kroc is a traveling salesman who is selling Prince Castle brand milkshake makers. After learning that a small diner is ordered six of milkshake makers from his company, Ray decides to go visit the restaurant. And finds a very busy diner named McDonald's. He was amazed by the quick service, and impressed by the food. He was also very intrigued by the atmosphere it provided. Ray had the opportunity to meet with the owner of the diner Maurice "Mac" McDonald and Richard "Dick" McDonald. He was able to take them to dinner and learned about their operation and how they came up with the concept of McDonald’s fast food. Ray eventually convinced the brothers to venture into franchising after some reluctance.

The movie goes into the story of how Ray, expanded the fast food chain yet was still, struggling to pay his loans. He was then advised to go into the real estate business and buy the lands to lease to the franchisees. After successfully acquiring assets from the real estate venture, Ray was to become the owner of McDonalds. This was a very good movie, with a consistent storyline and excellent acting to follow. It definitely tugs at your emotions. Even though one may have wanted Ray to become successful, it wouldn’t have been at the expense of the McDonald brothers. In all I would definitely recommend seeing this movie.

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