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In theaters November 18, 2016

Review written by Devon Thompson


The movie Loving is based on the story that depicts the married life of Richard and Mildred Loving an interracial couple living in Virginia in 1958. The couple went to Washington D.C. to get married after becoming pregnant, in the hopes of a future together. At this point in time it was illegal to date other races and marrying them was deemed a crime. The movie takes us through the life of the couple as they navigate their marriage. As newlyweds they were imprisoned for sharing the same bed then forced to leave Virginia. They moved to Washington DC, where they started a family with two boys and a girl. Years later Mildred sought help to overturn the ruling and was assigned a lawyer. After appealing with the state of Virginia and failing, the case was eventually taken to the Supreme Court where the Loving’s won the battle, making a new milestone in American history and was able to move back to Virginia where their families lived. The movie was quite captivating and is a must see. It's a great story about love and overcoming difficulties to achieve greatness. 

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