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Kevin Hart: What Now? Featured

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Review written by Jon Patch with 2.5 out of 4 paws

Kevin Hart: What Now?

Universal Pictures and HartBeat Productions present a 96 minute, R rated, Documentary, Comedy, directed by Leslie Small and Tim Story, written by Kevin Hart and Harry Ratchford with a theater release date of October 14, 2016.


Its three hours before show time for Kevin Hart at the sold out event at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Kevin also known as Agent 0054 makes a pit stop at the casino with his partner in crime Halle Berry (Halle Berry) to play a hand of poker against the Villain (David Meunier) and Don Cheadle (Don Cheadle) among a few others. Halle sits patiently by at the bar with Bernard (Richard Jones) the bartender admiring Kevin from a far. After their extended hand of poker when Kevin and Halle exit the room they are confronted by the Villain and his men at which time like only James Bond can do Kevin ensues in battle to save himself and the woman he wants to kiss.

Its show time at the football stadium and Kevin doesn’t miss a beat. He cuts up on his own personal life and the people and animals that surround him. First out the story of the raccoon at his house door into the Tasmanian Devil, God’s plan and the Mountain Lion, the missing shoulder, an Orangutan attack into a Shark attack, his kids, Wi Fi, wheel chair Connie, his dad, ping pong, 10 am truth or lie, no really!, skid marks, airport bathroom, Starbucks and much more. Not only making his live audience at the stadium laugh in hysterics but in the theater as well. As he states, it is good to see people in the audience of all races come together, if we laugh together we live together, if we laugh together we love to together. This world truly needs more laughs and Kevin is a good comedian to make us laugh especially on the best night of his life in Philly. Now it’s time for the world to see just how funny Kevin Hart is!

I absolutely loved the ingenuity of the beginning and end of this film which plays out like that of a great James Bond film but only with some off the wall hysterical moments laced in. If only they kept on this path I would have loved the film more. Great editing, graphics, score and just overall look of the beginning of this film are awesome. Grant it his comedy is hysterical but I would rather be at the live event or watch stand up on television to take in a live comedy act. His expressions and the backdrops behind him and his comedy are spot on but as for in a theater I personally would have liked more of the story he started and ended with. I am one of his fans and find him to be one of the funniest men on screen today so even though I did not rank the show higher it’s only because I wish it was more of a movie than a standup act. Either way hats off to the way this film was made for the big screen. Hart is truly spot on as an actor and comedian which of course he proves well in this latest movie. Overall Kevin truly has a bright future ahead of him if he doesn’t screw it up personally. Berry always looks good and although it’s a small role the Bond girl does well. Cheadle also is a cameo and well played. Meunier is the perfect villain and portrays his character perfectly. Interesting enough much of his stand up contained animal situations which of course caught my ear but one just has to remember it’s all in a sense of comedy and not reality.

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