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Blair Witch

Lionsgate, Room 101 and Snoot Entertainment present an 89 minute, R rated, Horror, Thriller, directed by Adam Wingard and written by Simon Barrett with a theater release date of September 16, 2016.


When James (James Allen McCune) discovers that two people from Burkittsville, Maryland have found a camera with some lost footage from years past in the woods he thinks that it may hold the answers to the disappearance of his sister Heather. He and some friends, Lisa (Callie Hernandez) who happens to be working on a documentary for school, Ashley (Corbin Reid) who is dating James’s best friend Peter (Brandon Scott) all decide to set out to the woods of Burkittsville in hopes of finding Heather. Head camera’s attached to their ears and a drone for aerial views they feel they are well equipped for their journey. Not quite yet!

First stop is to the home of Lane (Wes Robinson) and Talia (Valorie Curry) in Burkittsville. They lived there all their lives and Lane is the person who happened to find the camera with the bizarre footage of a house in the woods and the screams of a girl running for her life. In exchange for the location where Lane found the camera James must agree to take Lane and Talia along for the search. Lane is very much aware of the woods or so he thinks he is but along the way the personalities of Lane and Peter tend to clash. Ashley injures her foot and what was supposed to be a short trip ends up being a nightmare as one by one the group of six dwindles down to none. I think!

The direction is not horrible but not so great either since there are many unanswered questions in the woods, which attributes to some bad writing that could have been better if they only gave some answers along the way. The film plays on the camera angles from the cameras on the characters heads as well as the ones in their hands which add some elements of realism. At least you’re not left wondering why they still have cameras while running for their lives, answer they are attached to their ears and the hand held ones supply some light as well as their flashlights. The story really tries to tie in to the original so many years ago but time is spent too much in the first 55 minutes developing this story that the last 25 minutes which are quite scary doesn’t help to make up for so many could have been great moments. Overall the film is ok but I don’t think I would run out to see it especially before seeing something like “Don’t Breathe” which is much better. For some people being kept in the dark most of the time and especially in the end may work but for me I like answers and ones that at least make sense.

As for the cast they truly messed up with McCune he was just not believable unless that was supposed to be his character, who knows but for me there had to have been some better options. Hernandez does a nice job adding some balance to the group and Reid at first was questionable but pulls it together until her end. Scott at times was a bit overwhelming but for the most part I like him. Robinson is quite the creeper and Curry is for the most part just there. Albeit aside I love horror films always have and always will for some reason so there are some aspects of this film that I liked but if you have choices for a night out at the movies this may not be your best yet truly not the worst either but close. For the animal lovers there are some dogs which have no meaning to the story other than the life of Lane and Talia and I question the use of two bees yes just two in the woods maybe I missed something there but I doubt it.

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