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Hell or High Water Featured

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Review written by Jon Patch with 3.5 out of 4 paws

Hell or High Water

CBS Films, Oddlot Entertainment, Film 44 and Sidney Kimmel Entertainment present an R rated, 102 minute, Crime, Drama, directed by David Mackenzie and screenplay by Taylor Sheridan with a theater release date of August 12, 2016.


Two brothers, Toby (Chris Pine), a divorced father of two children trying to save the family farm after his mother’s death and Tanner (Ben Foster), the wild card fresh out of prison, are out to rob the Midland banks in Texas. It seems they want to rob from the establishment that is robbing from them for so many years. It seems since their mother died the bank put a lien on their farm and rather than the $25,000 that was owed it is now over $40,000 with an upcoming closing date. If the guys do not pay that money to the bank in time the bank will own the farm and the oil that has been found on its land that is ultimately worth $50,000 a month.

The Midland banks in Texas are not large but rather smaller branches making it a bit easier to rob by two wet behind the ears yet somewhat skilled bank robbers. Guns, ski masks and baggy clothes the guys do everything to rob the bank of its money in the teller drawers rather than the vault and with a lien on the farm and back child support Toby needs to come up with money quickly and Tanner is out to help. Meanwhile Texas Rangers Marcus (Jeff Bridges) and Alberto Parker (Gil Birmingham) are out to stop their streak of luck. It seems the guys after robbing the banks have a very smart idea of how to exchange the money making their payments to the bank untraceable. Yet with one wild card and one logical brother the odds of getting caught seem a bit high. Toby is determined to pay off his farm and leave it in trust for his boys so that no one not even the bank could sell it and he will stop at nothing to make this happen, not even with two Texas Rangers, police and citizens of Texas hot on their trail. It seems everyone in Texas carries a gun!

It’s not until the brothers rob the largest of the banks does everything come to an end. Pistols, rifles and an assault weapon later the battle comes down to a true love between two brothers and the love a father has for his family. Yet for one “Lord of the Plains” his true love was his gift and for others life will continue to haunt them or give them peace.

The film is beautifully acted, directed and written with a nice soundtrack to follow. Throughout the entire story it never really contains peaks and valleys but that does not matter since the film itself is a little predictable yet brilliant leaving you wanting to defend the brothers for standing up against the financial industry that is truly robbing from the average citizen trying to survive life. In the end though this story definitely peaks leaving you pondering what if!

Pine is excellent in this story and after seeing him in this film along with “Star Trek” which are coming out around the same time it shows how diverse this actor is in taking on a role and character. Foster as well is superb and between the two of them they both support each other equally with a huge applause for the casting here since they work so well together. Bridges hands down is awesome and one of the best actors on the big screen these days. Birmingham plays well and the writing used during the conversations between his character and that of Bridges is timely. I was not sure about this story at first but along with a great supporting cast this film is worth a night out at your local theater for several above mentioned reasons. It may not make a lot of money but western type films are coming back and this modern day journey of two brothers is a great reason why they should come back. Cattle, horses and one wild ride later this Is a very well done story so strap your saddle on your horse and ride off to a theater near you on August 12.

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