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Lionsgate, Allison Shearmur Productions and Keep Your Head present a PG-13, 96 minute, Crime, Mystery, Thriller, directed by Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman, screenplay by Jessica Sharzer and novel by Jeanne Ryan with a theater release date of July 27, 2016.


When you’re young and somewhat stupid you’ll try anything but what about a game on your phone that will test your will to survive a dare and in return you’ll have lots of viewers and make a lot of money depending on your dare and if you complete it. High school friends Sydney (Emily Meade), the girl who loves attention and is already part of the Nerve game, Vee (Emma Roberts), Sydney’s best friend and the complete opposite as being more a shy and reserved listens to her mother (Juliette Lewis) type of girl and Tommy (Miles Heizer), friend of Vee’s who hides a secret crush all end up at some point involved in Nerve.

It seems you have two choices you can either be a watcher or a player in the game of Nerve. They know everything about you getting most of their information from your private Facebook and that of friends on the net and if you try to shut the game down you cannot since each player is on an individual server. When Vee gets tired of being the unknown girl especially in the shadows of Sydney she decides to play the game. As a player it starts out slow as you build an audience and make money in doing so but in Vee’s case especially when she gets paired up with Ian (Dave Franco) she swiftly makes it into the top ten viewership on Nerve. Against her friends wishes Vee is moving out of the hundred dollar payoffs and into the thousands as her dares with Ian become more involved and dangerous and the money she makes is directly deposited into her bank account. A kiss, a motorcycle ride into the city, couture and a tattoo later Vee is the top draw and Sydney is not happy about it. Everyone today has a phone and everywhere Vee and Ian go they have fans but when things get out of hand Vee tries to back out and report it to the police which takes her now to stage three, a prisoner.

There is no way out and the game of Nerve controls all of her life as a prisoner but if she enters into the finals and wins she may have a choice but in this case even the watchers can be accessories to murder. One never knows where a first date might take you? You may end up dead!

The movie makes you question the use of modern technology and if miss-used can lead to some very harsh realities in life. My friend Matt said the movie kind of reminds him of the film “Purge” which I can kind of see some relationships to the writers ideas and that of the director. One aspect the writers missed out on was a deeper opportunity to develop the characters, even that of Vee’s lost brother who died a few years back. In this day and age we all think it’s cool to be part of a group and for some it’s important to have friends even if you don’t even know who they are, enter Facebook among other social network possibilities. If not used correctly there’s no telling what kind of trouble a person can get into, hence the game Nerve. Some of the dares are cute, funny and just plain stupid but when they take another path towards the possibility of death than perhaps it’s better to have failed and get out rather than complete a dare and move on all for fortune and fame. Just because you may not see your fan base doesn’t mean that there not watching you for better or worse!

Roberts does a nice job, taking a slightly different turn than the pretty woman in the story but more of a dare devil. Franco is brother to James whose picture is shown in one of the scenes when Vee opens up the news on the net. He plays the mysterious guy very well going from sweet to strange to sweet making us become more involved in his character. Meade does have that bubbly personality and is quite good at playing the victim towards the end. Heizer doesn’t have a huge speaking role nor does Lewis but they both attribute some needed tension to the story. There are a number of supporting characters and extras that help move the film along but none of them were ever really developed by the writers to make you care about them other than to be a back-drop for the leads. I always said if new technology is used in the wrong direction it could be the end of us and this story is a perfect example of pure stupidity on behalf of the human race. I dare you to vote Trump, don’t bother you will fail as will he but maybe he can see Russia from his skyscraper!

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