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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Featured

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Review written by Jon Patch with 3 out of 4 paws

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Comics and Atlas Entertainment present a PG-13, 153 minute, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, directed by Zack Snyder, written by Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer with a theater release date of March 25, 2016.


I am trying to stick to the guide lines asked by the film company and director to not give too much away so here goes. We learn about the young Bruce Wayne (Brandon Spink) and how he lost his parents in 1981 and became one with the bats. No mystery here, actually pretty much the same as every other introduction to Batman. We move forward to a later time and mankind is under attack from another world. Billionaire Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) watches the destruction around him as buildings topple, lives are lost and one man goes noticed in the sky, Superman (Henry Cavill).

18 months later, somewhere in the Indian Ocean some men are diving amongst many beautiful tropical fish and pull out an object wanted by Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) a very rich man who owns LexCorp. In Africa Lois Lane (Amy Adams) is interviewing some suspected terrorists but little does she know her role in this interview goes deeper than she thought and with many in the world already uncertain of Superman’s judgements towards humans now it only gets worse for many others. Currently everything in the world has changed and Batman believes there is no room in it for Superman. As for Lex he is already scheming ways to not only diminish both Batman and Superman but the world as well making him the most powerful man on the planet.

At a party thrown by Lex, Bruce has an idea to steal his secrets but he soon discovers that his secret has become stolen by a mystery woman later found out to be Diana Prince (Gal Gadot). It is at this same party by the way that Bruce meets Clark Kent from the Daily Planet which is run by Perry White (Laurence Fishburne). Thanks to the pressures of Senator June Finch (Holly Hunter) the world is wondering what the true meaning of a God is and if Superman is truly above the human species to be considered one. As for Batman he and Alfred (Jeremy Irons) are trying to determine if the man in the red cap is friend or enemy but for Batman he thinks enemy and wonders if Superman bleeds. People fear what they don’t understand and according to Clark’s mother Martha (Diane Lane) they truly don’t understand Superman. So one day Superman has his day in court which once again does not go well for him nor the people. Thankfully he has Lois to fall back on in his time of need.

Criminals are like weeds you pull one up and another grows in its place. Lex Luthor is one strong weed who has found a way to create a force that can truly destroy the world along with Batman and Superman. Love ones are involved when it comes down to Gods versus man, night versus day, Batman versus Superman. If man won’t kill God what about the devil as new birth has sprung to bring mankind and the God’s they worship to their knees. Yet in the final battle it takes three to bring down the evil created by Lex as Batman and Superman find peace with each other and make a new friend, Wonder  Woman. In the end what was a night of terror has become a morning of loss as one super-hero is mourned. The others know they can do better; they have too and not alone. As for Lex he’s enjoying his new look as he sits and waits for his next new arrival to come. Ding Dong the God’s are dead!

Two and a half hours may have been a bit too long by at least 15 minutes but overall the film is well done. Lots of CGI and most of it good as it is accompanied by of course a dramatic score that helps to set the mood. Great costumes that define every detail of Superman’s curves as well as Wonder Woman’s but I’m a little uncertain of Batman and his metal armor. I like Batman’s regular wear more so than his steel appearance although the gadgets never get old. The director keeps it current with CNN, Nancy Grace among others gracing the story line. Although the story is written a bit on the dark and angry side if you pay attention it’s not too hard to follow. Overall I really enjoyed this film and believe most others will as well. Grant it there will be those that dislike several aspects of it for example I was not thrilled with Lex’s creation but looking beyond that premise it is a super-hero film not reality.

Many people were against Affleck as Batman but actually he’s pretty good. Not as good as Christian Bale I thought but he holds his own. Cavill is the bomb literally in many ways and fills the Superman role to the extreme, suit and all. I love Adams and still find it a bit hard placing her as Lois but she does no wrong with her acting skills. Eisenberg I doubted but he grows on you but more so after he achieves his new look. Being a big fan of Wonder Woman could they possibly find another woman to fill her bracelets?   Well I think they did as did the audience based on the cheers. I thought Gadot does some nice work in this story even though she comes and goes quite a bit flashing her looks in the beginning and her strengths more so in the end. Lane, Irons, Fishburne, Hunter and the other supporting roles definitely add a lot to the story line and help keep the film active for a whole 153 minutes. Make sure you get the extra-large popcorn because you’ll need it. Enjoy this action packed adventure from start to finish it truly sparkles like a diamond for the most part.

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