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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Featured

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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies theater released date is February 5, 2016.


Not what I expected and thrilled by what I got. Being someone who grew up on Night of the Living Dead (books way before movies) and seeing it take off to the Zombie apocalypse...has been sometimes a treat, other times an annoying never ending screaming of the UN-dead that makes the hair on the back of your neck rise or in this instance something that was not only entertaining, but actually well directed, well-acted, and a cross of comedy and zombie mayhem that caught your attention through the entire film! 

Coo-dos to Natalie Portman as the Producer of the film when she was originally to be the lead roll! 

As Parody's go.... taking on a Jane Austin novel verses survival in the Zombie apocalypse was more than entertaining. The characters where easy to follow as their roles played through. Thought the family of five girls raised by an amazingly war conscience father to teach his girls to survive the Zombie apocalypses in the Elizabethan era was endearing and fun....playing off the mother who only wanted her daughters to marry well.....well i guess it was the era.

The lead character Elizabeth Bennet (Lilly James) was intriguing with her family quest to save the world always putting the thought of love at arm’s length. Her love interest though put off but pursued by Mr. Darcy (Sam Riley) played out like a fairy tale he said she said, but in the end........well fate???

No animals were harmed it this film as Zombies don't eat animals only human Although Ms.  Bennet did return a hand full of Zombie hunting flies that she was so cunningly was able to catch in midair back into the hands of the handsome Mr. Darcy like a pile of dead little for the Zombies not killing animals....only the ones who were held back from damnation by only consuming pig brains (not human) as the blood of Christ keeping them with in the realms nearly still human and didn't kill humans was border on hilarious.

The men were handsome and the women even more tantalizing that they could seriously kick some Zombie butt with their martial arts...all the while still remaining in the theme of the century keeping up day to day life as the Zombie nation waited to overcome the world headed by Lazareth (the anti-Christ) the one who would truly bring the Zombie Apocalypse into fruition.

The tell-tale fate of the family and loves involved and survival is a feel good ending, but fear not that the unforeseen villain Mr. Whicker (Jack Hudson) ... not only fools, but even after failing to overtake....comes back with the notion of a sequel of revenge. STAY.... when the credits come’s worth it!

I   loved this flick and think it’s a movie to see..... not your normal Zombie movie, but will definitely take you into the characters that you can’t help but laugh with and enjoy...I highly recommend it!

Review written by Jillyn Sidlo

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