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MGM, Columbia Pictures, Danjaq and B24 present a PG-13, 148 minute, Action, adventure, Thriller, directed by Sam Mendes, written by John Logan and Neal Purvis with a theater release date of November 6, 2015.


The dead are alive! This is a true statement and the basis of this Bond story that brings all the mystery and loose ends of the past together leaving the franchise the option to continue or close of which I am sure will continue just maybe without Daniel Craig since this film in the Bond franchise may be one of the weakest written so far. In the opening of SkyFall we had Adele and one of the best vocals, song and video to date. In Spectre we get Sam Smith who does a great job, not as good as Adele but still good with an excellent and yet bizarre video that I wished mirrored the film more, which may have helped it a bit.

It’s the celebration of day of the dead in Mexico and Bond (Daniel Craig) is decked out in full costume but he’s not there for the celebration but rather to assassinate Marco Sciarra (Alessandro Cremona). It doesn’t go as planned but the job gets done which leads Bond into a meeting with his widower Lucia (Monica Bellucci). It is not chance that he went there but rather under instruction from a voice in his past. Even though M (Ralph Fiennes) at the corporation is stripping Bond of his power as 007 due to the Mexico incident Bond still enlists two associates Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) and gadget creator Q (Ben Whishaw) to help him on his journey to uncover Spectre, that is before the new boss C (Andrew Scott) takes the 007 program down to begin his own Global Intelligence where they can monitor everything that everyone is doing at all times.

London to Rome, Tokyo to Austria where he meets up with his old nemesis Mr. White (Jesper Christensen) to help him find L’Americain it his White that informs Bond he is a kite dancing in a hurricane but either way this knowledge leads him to Dr. Madeleine Swann (Lea Seydoux) who he vows to protect since she can lead him to his answers and L’Americain in Tangier. Bond is truly on his own with no help from the agency as he travels to South Africa with Swann and a bit of romance to discover Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz), who is actually someone he has known all his life and not quite dead as thought. Later back at the agency M is tied up with his own hurdles to jump. Back at the office C soon discovers that even though M may stand for moron C stands for careless. Bond also back in home territory has uncovered the truth and realizes that brothers really know the right buttons to press yet with three minutes to spare Bond gets shaken but still knows how to stir up trouble to benefit him and the girl he always gets in the end.

My expectations were high with this Bond film especially since I loved “SkyFall” but sad to say it missed the mark for me. I definitely enjoyed the film and it has a good amount of explosions, car chases, villains, although the bad guys like Hinx (Dave Bautista) are not on screen enough to get invested in them for too long. Speaking of too long this film is about twenty minutes too long which created a bit too many down times rather than keeping the adrenaline flowing it caused a bit of a yawn at times. The direction is well done with a few exceptions but I think it is the writing that truly hurts this story. I also thought the film seemed a bit grainy at times as well. Although it does have a nice score and a lot of great cinematography to keep the audience intrigued it just tends to lack when it comes to overall excitement at least for me. I thought the pace of the story and its elements where a bit off course.

Craig who I hear may not return for another Bond almost seems to feel like he was done throughout the story and especially at the end of the film although I still think he makes a great Bond. Seydoux is pretty nice to look at but she seemed to lack the whole Bond girl excitement. Fiennes, Whishaw and Harris are all wonderful and bring a good vibe to the film and their character roles whereas Scott seems to drop the ball a bit. I’m a fan of Waltz and for the most part he never seems to disappoint yet in this film he seemed to disappoint me a little, blame it on the direction or the writing because I don’t think it is him but overall he too seemed a bit off at times. Albeit in the end it’s a Bond film and it will have its audience but I just don’t think it stands up to previous Bonds and especially SkyFall but even so the audience will get their money worth for over two hours.

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