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Shaun the Sheep Movie Featured

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Lionsgate, StudioCanal, Aardsman Animations and Anton Capital Entertainment present a PG, 85 minute, Animation, Adventure, Comedy, directed and written by Mark Burton and Richard Starzak with a theater release date of August 5, 2015.


The film opens with the Farmer (voice of John Sparkes) and video footage and photos of he and a young Shaun (voice of Justin Fletcher) and Blitzer (voice of John Sparkes) enjoying a life together. Shaun’s first walks and experiences as the Farmer and Blitzer socialize him to life on a farm in Mossy Bottom.

Time later Shaun is all grown up and a bit tired of the same daily routine on the farm. He and his fellow sheep decide to take a day off. So Shaun creates a plan much to the jokes of the three pigs to get the Farmer to fall asleep during one of his typical days. It works and Shaun and his buddy’s wheel barrel the Farmer into an old camper. A camper on wheels which happens to roll out of the farm and straight into the Big City.

Once in the city the Farmer loses his memory and takes up a new career as Mr. X but after much concern and hunger Shaun and Blitzer along with the other animals need the Farmer home. Off to the big city they go in search of the Farmer yet what they find is a lot more than they bargained for one big issue being animal containment run by A. Trumper (voice of Omid Djalili). Desperate to bring their Farmer back to Mossy Bottom Shaun and the gang will stop at nothing to get him there. In the end they all realize that the grass is not always greener and there really is no place like home.

I’m not sure why there were credits for voice actors seeing that the only thing they do for one and a half hour is mumble their roles! Other than the fact that there is no real words in the film it still comes across as cute with a mediocre script yet some great animation that will surely excite the kids but may be a little grueling for the adults. Great for a Sunday rental to pass time if you’re over say thirteen but for a family day at the theater with your young children this could actually be the film for you. Not really too sure why the PG rating but I guess the butt crack and some sticky situations may require it! I give this film two paws out of four mainly for the young attraction, the animal characters and the superb animation, I’m Jon Patch.

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