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Warner Bros. Pictures, HBO, RatPac Entertainment, Leverage Entertainment and Closest to the Hole Productions present an R rated, approximately 110 minute, Comedy, Drama, directed and written by Doug Ellin with a theater release date of June 3, 2015.


Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) is a very wealthy and high in demand Hollywood actor. Fresh out of a marriage he is having a party on his yacht and waiting for his friends to arrive, Eric Murphy (Kevin Connolly) his Producer and Manager, Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) the driver and Johnny Chase (Kevin Dillon) his half-brother, also known as Johnny Drama. Once they arrive amongst a group of beautiful party people Vincent decides to call his old pal and agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) who now happens to be running a studio and has invested his time and efforts into a new movie starring Vincent. One problem this movie named Hyde is over budget and needs more money and even more so Vincent wants to direct it, leaving Ari with some big choices to make in order to release the film.

Off to Texas, Ari meets with a financier (Billy Bob Thornton) of the film, along with his son Travis (Haley Joel Osment) but things go a bit haywire when a girl (Emily Ratajkowski) steps in the middle between Vincent and Travis. Turtle has lost weight and is trying to hook up with a live one. E is trying all of sudden to juggle several women along with a pregnant one and well Johnny is just plain crazy and even more so when a private porn video goes public, the media explodes. As for Lloyd (Rex Lee) he is trying to get Ari to walk him down the aisle when he marries a dear friend of mine (Greg Louganis).

So throughout this story the guys are trying to raise money in order to finish their film and hopefully with the original cast which includes Johnny who happens to be in four scenes and hopefully good scenes. We find out at an awards show whether he is or not! One word will explain the final outcome of all this Hollywood politics and it begins with the letter V. Remember don’t leave too soon as the credits roll if you want to watch the big fat gay wedding.

I’ve never watched Entourage on HBO and apparently you did not have to because the writers walk you through this set up for the big screen. Overall the direction is well done and the writing is good as well but the film just moves kind of slow at times making it seem even longer than what it is already. Some good music and some nice photography help to keep your attention but albeit the cavemen drooling over the naked women in the film get a bit cliché for a modern day story but then again men are men!

This film truly must win an award for one thing and that’s the amount of cameo appearances in this story. I have never seen so many in any other movie I can remember. A list to D list, sports figures to money moguls this movie has an amazing amount of cameos from start to finish. Yet even though the movie seems like a made for HBO television production only the main characters meaning Piven, Grenier, Ferrara, Dillon and Connolly all do a nice job carrying this story. Technically they should have since it was such familiar territory. Yet for me overall the film did not wow me like it may a fan of the television show so I give it a 1.5 out of four paws by Jon Patch.

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