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2 Wolves Films, eOne Entertainment and Strings of Films present a 112 minute, R rated, Music, Drama, directed by Daniel Duran and written by Oscar Orlando Torres with a theater release date of May 8, 2015.


Josh Harvest (Lucas Till) is a bit of a lost child in New York City. At 17 years of age, he is a DJ in a city bar called The Monarch, does too many drugs, and has a mother (Maria Bello) that states she never wanted him and a father he never knew that currently lives in the Midwest. Josh’s life is about to change due to a court appearance in front of New York Judge Cooper. Upon her judgement Josh must move in with his father and attend 12 months of rehab and a drug program in this small Midwestern town. Think ‘Footloose’ premise but without Kevin Bacon of course!

On a bus ride to the Midwest Josh has no idea what lies ahead until he steps off the bus and meets his father, enrolls at Paragon High School, home of the Patriots, meets a nerdy little kid named Tony (Jae Head) who has a sister Mary (Kherington Payne) and a mother Annie (Laura Dern) who is continually on medication due to the death of her oldest son Robert. Josh is soon found out by his new classmates to be one of the top DJ’s in New York and is instantly pursued by the dance club at Paragon High. With some resistance and a little bit of coaxing Josh takes on the duties of music man for the group. Once losers in a small town that only produced soldiers for war this dance group suddenly becomes winners. As for Mary who happens to lead the dance club she begins to take a liking to Josh and vice versa but for some of the jocks at school the feelings are not as mutual. At counseling Josh begins to break out of his shell yet for Alex Weller (Josh Duhamel) his counselor at the Paragon Regional Health Center he too begins to come to grips with his past and mistakes that were made. “You don’t have to live the war to live at war”, a phrase that rings true for many in life.

Mary and Josh have their issues both personally and together yet not until a visit to the tree of medals does their stories begin to come together overall. Helping them to cope with the past and concentrate on the state dance invitational. They learn to be smarter than their pain, don’t be afraid and always care about the other person more than yourself because in life if you truly care about someone you have to be willing to lose. Sometimes throughout it all, in the end you need to appear in person to say “I’m sorry”. In life we all love and experience loss but if we live it right we live it with a medal of valor.

The film is a step up above a made for television movie but that said it is actually good. The director does a nice job of keeping your attention with several sub-stories written in by the writers and at least they build the characters so that in the end we have answers to our questions. Definitely a nice soundtrack with some more than exciting dance moves this story is sure to have the audience moving in their seats. This film surely entertains even though the middle section of the story gets a bit sluggish. Yet overall the theme of the story has a good old American appreciation for our troops and the pain and loss so many experience due to senseless wars that take from us our brothers and sisters, children and friends, parents and lovers.

Bello although has a small part she does well with her on screen moments. Duhamel is convincing as is Head but it is Dern who stands out in her role. Not being familiar with Till and Payne they play opposite each other quite well and help to make this story come to life and remain full of life for almost 2 hours. A nice supporting cast that truly entertains yet is a bit lost in the shuffle still help to keep the story going for 15 extra minutes too long. Overall I did not hate the film nor love it but I truly enjoyed it and appreciated the meaning behind it with 2 paws out of 4, I’m Jon Patch.

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