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Warner Bros. Pictures, Gary Sanchez Productions and Rat Pac Entertainment present an R rated, 100 minute, Comedy, directed by Etan Cohen, screenplay by Jay Martel and Ian Roberts with a theater release date of March 27, 2015.


Sometimes it’s difficult to watch a grown man cry but when you find out you’re going to prison for a very long time it’s more understandable why a grown man might cry. One month ago James King (Will Ferrell) had it all, a beautiful mansion, nice cars, a fantastic financial industry career and a gorgeous yet spoiled fiancé. His fiancé, Alissa (Alison Brie), happens to be Martins (Craig T. Nelson) daughter and Martin just offered James a partnership in the firm. Life is perfect! Or is it?

Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart) owns a small car cleaning service called Hollywood Luxury Bubbles and one of his big clients his James. Darnell is about to pop the question to James, no not a proposal of marriage but rather for thirty thousand dollars he would offer James elite car cleaning service for all his cars all year. Darnell needs the money to send his daughter Makayla (Ariana Neal) to a better school than Lower South Central. Think minimal security prison and it might help draw a picture of life in class for the young girl. Anyway life is not going as well for Darnell as it is for James at that moment.

The night of the engagement party for James and Alissa the authorities break in and arrest James for security fraud and embezzlement, guilty or not James gets the maximum sentence in maximum prison. He has thirty days to get his affairs in order before serving his sentence. Fearing for his life James hires Darnell for thirty thousand dollars to train him for prison life. Why? Well Darnell is black so he must have spent time in prison! Not to James knowledge but Darnell hasn’t but poses as if he has by taking James under his wing and training him to get hard. Survival tactics, fighting, lifting weights, male encounters and trash talk later James seems to be a lost cause. Heck even a prison riot simulation, a monkey and an attack on a kitty can’t help him but a meeting with Darnell’s cousin Russell (T.I.) helps. Yet in the end following his heart and trusting the right people leads James to Sea Note where Mayo and Chocolot save the day. Love and kisses later to bubble butt Shonda (Dominique Perry) for all her support.

The film is rude and crude with bad language and sexual moments and became even a bit offensive to me at times. It has its funny moments but not as many as I would have thought. The direction lacked a bit and the writing at times fell short and became a bit soft rather than hard. Some good photography mixed with a decent score helps but I tend to think this film is a bit more average then above.

Ferrell has his fan club which I am not one of his biggest so I think I would have liked to see someone else in his role. He’s definitely no Magic Mike so I wish the clothes would have stayed on more than off but heck it made for some jaw dropping effects in the story and not from just the gardener. Thank God some people had popcorn bags in the audience! Hart on the other hand his hysterical and once again does not disappoint as he tackles multiple personalities more so than my ex, at least Hart was a character. Come to think of it so was my ex! Oh the rigors of life and love! Ok back to the film! Nelson does a nice job as does Brie and T.I. even John Mayer makes a cameo that plays a bit funny but for the most part the script tends to lose its way a bit. Based on the raunchy plot and all the film will probably do alright thanks to the two leads but overall I felt it was more of a miss than a hit and the chemistry between Ferrell and Hart seemed a bit forced somewhat like the bathroom scene at a gay bar. Written with two paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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