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Kingsman: The Secret Service Featured

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20th Century Fox, A Cloudy Productions and MARV present a 129 minute, R rated, Action, Adventure, Comedy, directed by Mathew Vaughn, written by Vaughn and Jane Goldman with a theater release date of February 13, 2015.


Somewhere in the Middle East, 1997, a special agent out to protect his comrades dies by the hands of a terrorist. Harry Hart known also as Galahad (Colin Firth) visits his wife and child in London during Christmas to console their grief and offers her a medal of honor and the opportunity of calling him if they ever need anything. Yet for Michelle Unwin (Samantha Womack) nothing could replace her husband and she declines any help.

Seventeen years later in Argentina Professor Arnold (Mark Hamill) is being held captive by Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) and his evil sidekick Gazelle (Sofia Boutella) who basically has swords for feet. When Agent Lancelot (Jack Davenport) arrives on the scene to rescue the Professor things all of a sudden get split in two.

In the City of Westminster, a boy has become a man, a bit troubled to say the least but Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin (Taron Egerton) is now all grown up. Trouble tends to be is middle name especially while living with his little sister and his mother who by the way has taken up with some thugs. As for Eggsy he only wishes for better things and after Hart gets him released from jail and he witnesses Hart in a bar room brawl Eggsy’s life takes a turn for the better. You see when Hart discovers Eggsy is the son of his comrade who years ago saved his life in battle Hart decides to recruit Eggsy in the secret agency.

Kingsman agents are the new knights and Eggsy is entered into a training process led by Merlin (Mark Strong) and in competition with several other candidates Charlie (Edward Holcroft), Roxy (Sophie Cookson), Digby (Nicholas Banks), Rufus (Jack Cutmore-Scott), Nathaniel (Nicholas Agnew), Piers (Rowan Polonski), Hugo (Tom Prior) and Amelia (Fiona Hampton) are all out to compete for the open chair left by Agent Lancelot. The students are run through vigorous tests, some pass, some fail but either way in the end one person along with their new training puppy will be left standing and become part of the Kingsman. Yet during these tests the man of the hour, Valentine, has decided to offer people the offer of a life time, free calls, free internet, for everyone forever. But Valentine has several opportunities that could literally implode the minds of the world. Not to forget that important people like celebrities, royalty and more are disappearing into the unknown.

Meanwhile back in Kentucky during a church sermon, not exactly a politically correct one, many people are massacred and Hart finds himself right in front of it all. Motives, twists and turns abound at this point as lives are lost and Eggsy ends up trying to save the world. Through it all and all the fireworks if you stand around too long and not fight back you might not have the opportunity to take it up the butt.

I thought the film was well directed and written but truthfully it could have been about 20 minutes shorter. The film is filled with a number action scenes, special gadgets, explosive moments, a spy like score, very similar to James Bond using many cliché moments from past special agent type films. Last but not least this film is quite fun to watch even with its number of product placements and mentions like McDonalds. I did like the interaction of the dogs but in the final scenes I did not like the options of the recruits final test and if you’re a pet lover you won’t either!

Firth does well as an action man although they may have considered someone a bit more suave like Brosnan instead, which the reference alone would have been a bit more hysterical. Egerton was a joy to watch on the screen as he grew from an irresponsible boy to a mature young man filled with a lot of special sauce. Gavenport is short lived but very effective. Womack is spot on bringing a bit of trashy to her character, Jackson is perfection even though a bit silly with his lisp action going in and out. Boutella is support and works hard to play like the boys which she does well and the use of her blades for feet was fascinating. All together the supporting characters along with the dogs in this film have all made this into one fun story from top to bottom. Written and enjoyed with two and half paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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